Medtronic 670G Auto-mode "Learning" Period

(Jess) #1

This is for people who are considering upgrading to the new Medtronic 670G system and using Auto-mode. Users are required to wear the insulin pump and CGM sensor for a week so the pump’s control algorithm can “learn” about your basal insulin needs. The pump will allow you to turn-on auto-mode after about 4-days of CGM sensor data has been logged.

However, the pump can take up to a month (Medtronic’s words) to fully “learn” your insulin needs. The first time I turned on automode, I saw my BG steadily climp into the mid 300’s. I turned it off after about 6 hours, as I was not getting enough background “basal” insulin. A few days later, I tried again. Not as bad this time, but still pretty lousy. Turned auto-mode off again after about 2 days (same issue).

After about 3 weeks, things are starting to get smoothed out. But there are other MAJOR GOTCHAS with the 670G system (see my other Medtronic 670G posts).

For a lot of people, expect about 3 weeks of intermittent hyperglycemia (high blood sugars) and general poor blood-sugar control while the magic black-box is “learning” how your body works.

THAT SUCKS. I have about 1.5 years worth of 630G insulin/BG/carb data logged into Carelink. I don’t think it is too unreasonable to expect Medtronic should have taken advantage of this historical data and developed a way to train the 670G algorithm based on your personal data. That would probably get you 90% of the way there, and would cut the painful “learning” time down to a few, more tolerable days (instead of weeks).

But, Medtronic choose not to make things easy for us 670G users, by forcing everyone to start with the default auto-mode internal settings.

“Thank you for Choosing Medtronic” - You can bet, this (670G Pump) is the last time I will be choosing Medtronic.

(Lisa) #2

I, too, am having some difficulty adjusting, but my issues are mostly lows. Yesterday I had to eat about 12 glucose tabs throughout the course of the day. Since I’m overweight, I hate to have to consumer all of these extra calories when I’m not even eating. I am also unhappy with how long one has to wait to speak to a Minimed rep when calling for assistance. They need to staff up!

(Christopher) #3

Consider that Medtronic may not have had a choice in this, the FDA is heavily regulating the introduction of “bionic” or “artificial pancreas” pumps in America. The learning period you speak of may have been a requirement of the FDA and not a decision of Medtronic.