Medtronic vs tandem

I’ve been in trials using the algorithm that TSlim will include once it gets FDA approval and it’s a life changer. The first time I had it at home I was heartbroken when I had to give it back. They are in final trials now - since you need to wait for the Medtronic closed loop system anyway, I wonder if it makes sense to consider what TSlim will have at the time when you would be able to get the Medtronic. I love that TSlim has made it so easy to update with a download with so many changes coming down the road. TSlim is so nice to input and so easy to see - I’m looking forward to switching soon.

I have had the DexCom G6 sensor for several months and find the sensors amazingly accurate and the help line easy to reach and always able to provide a solution. I am looking forward to getting the Tandem T-slim pump soon (had an Animas) and look forward to the shut off with lows! The Dexcom G6 sensor was so helpful while travelling abroad when crossing many time zones and eating unknown foods.

I’m new to T1D and have been considering a pump. I really appreciate all the comments on this. I got the Dexcom G6 and was hoping to get the Tslim pump but my insurance will only cover Omnipod or Medtronics. These comments have helped me too.

Yeah this has been super helpful, thank you guys! I was at work today when I saw a customer wearing a t slim and a dexcom and was talking to her. I’m not 100% sure yet but I think I’m going to go with the t slim/dexcom combo. If I end up hating it oh well. I’ll be able to switch in a few years. It’s not something I’m stuck with forever. I truly think this option is going to fit my life style better.

Hi - I have two kids with Type 1. My oldest is 22 and he was diagnosed at age 2. He wore a minimed pump from age 4 up to last Christmas (2017). My youngest child was diagnosed a year ago at age 12. He and my oldest went on the Tandem T slim pump and I have just loved it. It’s lower profile. My oldest really likes it better.

My youngest is on it with the dexcom 5 and we are waiting for the G6 – it will be life changing to not have to fingerstick for 10-14 days - and the off feature with low blood sugars is wonderful.

I think this upgrade will finally convince my oldest that he can tolerate having something else attached to his body 24/7 knowing he won’t have to finger stick for 2 weeks. the G5 didn’t convince him…but here and there when he comes home from college and sees his little brother wearing it and his dad and I showing him his readings on our phones…I tell him how wonderful it is.

So…there’s my opinion. I’ve worked with both…I’d have to say go with the T Slim!

Good luck!

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We have the same decision for our daughter - love the Dexcom and won’t give up the ability to watch her BG while she’s at school and playing sports. This itself might deter us from the 670G, it’s ridiculous to consider wearing two CGMs at the same time. I spent two hours on the phone with the Medtronic rep and heard a lot of “we didn’t have enough development time while the product was being approved by the FDA” as the reason for the missing features and device integrations.

I can’t seem to get our Tandem rep to answer my emails, which is a local concern. I’m curious how their support is after the initial order and training. If this is how our long term experience would be, I’m hesitant to commit to Tandem.


@julied5600 I think I’m going to go with tandem because I like how slim it is and I like the thought of getting the dexcom. There’s an app you can download from tandem that simulates the interface if you want to see how it works. Very easy. And I haven’t dealt with tandem myself but I’ve heard nothing but good things about their customer service from people on here. I’m also on a type 1 diabetes supper group on Facebook and I’ve looked through tandem vs Medtronic posts on there and saw nothing but good things about tandem as well. Just a few things to look at! Medtronics bulkiness was a big con for me too.

@julied5600 support group ** not supper group haha

I thank all of you for your input. I am a insulin dependent senior and have been diabetic for 38 years and on a Medtronic pump for about 15 years. My warranty is just about up and I have gone to the Dexcom G5 last January and love it. It is with the pump and the receiver I feel like I am loaded down one on each side so I have been considering changing to the tandem but I still need a little more research but all your input has helped tremendously. I thank you all for it.

We ended up choosing the t:slim X2 to go with the G6 CGM. We started the pump in mid-September and have had a bumpy start. I don’t think the pump itself is the problem, we have more issues with short-lived sites, crystals in tubing, and bad insulin due to body heat.

The biggest benefit, in my mind, is that we can have CGM readings on our phones sent by our daughter’s phone and also have a pump that shuts off the basal insulin if she’s dropping too fast. We wouldn’t have that with the 670 unless we had two CGMs (Medtronic’s and Dexcom) on her, and there’s just not enough torso for that. Hopefully this is helpful for someone else’s research.

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The Medtronic 530 was amazing but I just got the Medtronic 630 and I HATE it. I was a loyal Medtronic user since my first pump, and used their CGMS for awhile, but it was fussy. I now have a Dexcom g6 CGM and love it. I contacted Medtronic to see if I could downgrade to the 530 because the 630 has a tragic mess of user interface, but they said no. I am very disappointed in the 630 and do NOT recommend it. Interestingly, my Endo also shared that about 1/3 of her patients who got the 670 closed loop system have abandoned using it due to frustration, 1/3 use it reluctantly, and 1/3 got a different pump. I’m very disappointed.

Sorry you are having such a disappointing experience. I also have had a love affair with Minimed (I intentionally use the term Minimed), back to the 501. My 530 was solid as a rock and the Enlite sensors, while not perfect, I viewed they were moving the technology forward (definitely better that the previous version…If everyone recalls the C-cup 45-degree needle injector…scarred the hell out of me every time I used it).

I share your concern about the 630/670 as I have spend several months researching the big 3 available models and reading shared experiences. I have also been very disappointed in the eroding customer service of Medtronic (yup…I changed the name just then). I made the leap to Tandem specifically because of the G6 integration/performance and the hope that iControl will be better than the 630/670.

But hear is the rub…we are all making a 4-year purchase. If you use the pump and in 30-60-90 decide, “this is not the machine for me to have attached to my body 24/7 for 4 years” there is no way out without a sizable cash outlay. One would think there would be test programs setup at our diabetes educators offices to take a trial run on a pump, or a reasonable return policy. Truthfully I don’t know how that can be done given our insurance system and liability risk tied to medical products…but it seems like the right thing to do.

Next…lets talk about UHC forcing us to their choice of pump supplier.

Charles @mday, both the JDRF [] and the ADA [] are addressing the position United Health chose a year ago to have Medtronic as sole supplier for insulin infusion pumps.
Visit the JDRF “Advocacy” on the JDRF hp,e page and maybe you can get involved.

I just began with a Tandem t-Slim x2 in January and used the argument that the software can be updated via internet and there would be no reason to junk my pump as technology changes. Yes, my insurer, United Health, paid all except the 20% DME co-pay.

There are a lot of great benefits with the Tandem X2. One frustrating flaw is with the insulin cartridge. Based on the design, you will lose 20 units of insulin with every change. When you consider how often a change is needed, this amounts to a lot of lost insulin.

I fully agree with you Jon @JW18. The waste of valuable insulin is extraordinary and shameful. Also, compared with the very simple reservoir system I used for years with MiniMed 52x series pumps filling Tandem cartridges is a time consuming chore.
In my old age, 60+ years on insulin, my daily insulin need has diminished and I found that I could completely fill a cartridge and just replace the insertion set and keep the old tubing - just need to do the “cannula fill”.

I see you are a new member - Welcome to the TypeOneNation forum! I hope you will be active and find what you need.

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As Dennis described, there’s no need to refill the infusion set tubing with every site change: after insertion of the new set, just discard the tubing from the new infusion set and connect the existing tubing to the new site, then do a cannula fill.

A missing element in the “Medtronic vs Tandem” discussion is that Medtronic is essentially a monopoly that has actively driven its competitors out of business, including Animas, Accuchek, Snap, Cozmo over the last decade. Choosing Medtronic is essentially a decision to have fewer choices, less competition, less innovation, and higher costs to stay healthy in the future.

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Are you using the same 670G I am. Medtronic CGM is a complete failure. Constant bg requests. calibrations, and sensor failures . What’s worse is it’s not accurate with all that checking. My pump will often read 180 with the meter at 240. Or pump will wake me up with a suspend on low when the meter reads 105. I keep working with medtronic but it’s not getting much better.

Wow, I am so sorry you are having such a poor experience. It’s a good thing there are options as we are all so different (thank goodness). I hope you can find the right solution for you.

Both companies are now offering 30 day free trials
I was offered this buy both the Tadem rep and my Metronic rep

I have been T1D for 59 years and on a Minimed Pump for I do not remember how long

With everything I have read I decided to go with the Tandem Dex 6

I just made this decision and signed all paperwork 3 days ago haven’t received anything yet

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Hi! I recently switched from Medtronic to Tandem!

I used Medtronic for 18 years and 2 weeks ago I switched to Tandem. I’ve felt for the last few years that Medtronic has been “behind in the times”. Medtronic is the industry leader and they’ve never had a lot of competition. In fact, they’ve bought out other companies that have come into the market. I think that’s why they haven’t had to try very hard when it comes to coming out with new pump features - there’s nobody to compete with!

I absolutely love the Tandem and it does so many things better than Medtronic in my honest opinion. No pump is perfect, but Tandem is doing things NOW that Medtronic is announcing they will start doing in 2021 or even later. I’m worried that Tandem will eventually get bought-out by Medtronic. You see, Medtronic only got color screens within the last few years, even though smartphones have had color screens for … what? 15 years at least?? I feel that Medtronic has never needed to really stretch themselves since there were no worthy competitors. But then Tandem came and actually interviewed T1Ds and our doctors and gave us the features we’ve needed and wanted! They unleashed a pump with Bluetooth updates (that’s what sold me). Nothing is worse than getting a new pump only for it to be out-of-date 6 months later (then you have to wait, like, 4 years to upgrade).

What I love about Tandem:
It pairs with the Dexcom (let’s be honest, the Medtronic Guardian CGM was never very accurate, at least not for me … and I’m sick of fingersticks!)
It has Bluetooth updates (instead of getting a new pump every 4 years or so, you can just update your pump with new features! AWESOME! Medtronic won’t do this until at least 2020).
The overall look of it is more like a phone or music device than a pump, which is great for people who are sick of getting questions like “What is that??” I also like the look because it looks modern and the Medtronic 670G still looks like, well, a pump. It still has buttons! Smartphones haven’t had buttons in, like, a decade!
The size is a dream come true! It’s SOOOO discreet!

The threshold suspend on the Medtronic pump I had was so horrible, I disabled it. The suspend feature (called “Basal-IQ”) on the Tandem has been life-changing for me. No more lows at night! I don’t even worry about lows anymore!

My doctor said most of his patients are on the Medtronic 670G and according to him, “The basal auto-mode is pretty bad … my patients actually have to LIE to their pumps to get it to do what they want it to do!”

All of this said, the only thing I miss about Medtronic was the equipment (the quickset infusion site was better than the Tandem’s AutoSoft 90). I also miss how much easier it was to change my Medtronic pump.

But overall, I’m happy with my Tandem. In fact, my grandmother who is also a Type 1 got a Tandem last week after seeing how great mine has been. I used to have lows several times a day. I’ve had one low in 2 weeks. I love the Tandem!

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