Medtronic vs tandem

(Justyna) #21

I had Medtronic for 15 years and I got sick of it. I finally chose tandem and honestly tandem customer service is so much better than Medtronic, when my tandem pump broke down they overnight it to me without a problem but when the same thing happened to me with Medtronic they wouldn’t overnight it and weren’t very helpful at all. Honestly I chose tandem because of dexcom integration and it made life easier for me personally. The pump is great and if you splash it with water nothing will happen to it, plus it’s metal and not plastic so it doesn’t break so easily like Medtronic does if you drop it.

(Nancy) #22

Hey there Ashely @Aparker2012;

I’m just adding to the fray, but I’ve been a medtronic user for 18 years. I tried their CGMS/pump combo when the Rebel first came out and I’m only echoing the other voices in this thread - my experience was sooooo negative, I’m almost mortally afraid of trying the 630/670. I’ve been using the Dexcom G4 for several years (now I’m ashamed I’m 2 generations behind!) BUT I LOVE IT. My endo has no experience with the Tandem, either. Medtronic really is the leader, they’ve set the standards, and I believe they put the first one on the market (I’m probably wrong), which is why your healthcare team (and mine) rely on their voice.

I also have to chime in at the deterioration of their customer service. The very first call I had after my doc wrote the Rx was amazing. Having spent part of my working life as a CSR, that was a major selling point for me. But as of last week, I called to tell their support team the link in the email to the page to reorder supplies was broken, and the sign in protocol was convoluted and wouldn’t recognize me as either a new user or a returning user. Pretty important factors to a person who works in web design/software development/health care industry (that’s me, btw). So nonplussed. That’s enough for me to divorce them.

Please post your feelings when you find a Tandem rep and are able to wear one for a bit. I’m very curious!

Thanks to everyone for your input - It helps me make a choice, also.

oh, last thing I want to mention, Ashely, start stockpiling supplies. Reservoirs and infusion sets don’t go bad, just start ordering an extra box of each with every reorder. That way, you’ve got supplies to cover you during the transition between insurance carriers. And, bonus, most commercial insurance companies call pump supplies Durable Medical Equipment (DME), not pharmacy, so coverage is typically better for the patient.

Good luck and to your good health -


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Hi, Ashley @Aparker2012!

My son has only worn Tandem since diagnosis. It’s been 4 years and he’ll upgrade to the newer T:Slim later this month. We went to a JDRF Walk and met with some vendors and he was able to play around with the different pumps there. I highly recommend contacting the vendors or see if there’s a summit or a walk in your area. Most of the vendors go and they usually have there products there so you can get a hands on experience.

My son ultimately chose Tandem because it was touchscreen and small/discreet. I couldn’t be happier with their customer service. Everyone I’ve dealt with are knowledgeable and courteous. We also like that you can do software updates at home with the latest model pump and the the hybrid/closed loop features coming down the line.

Our experience with endos and their recommendations is that they tend to lean towards Medtronic. And that’s only because they don’t have much experience with Tandem. Medtronic is a much bigger company and has been in the game for a while. Our diabetes educator admitted that they’re not that familiar with Tandem, except for when the speak to rep. We all actually learned about the ins and outs of the T:Slim when we ordered it. In fact, including my son, they only have a handful of patients that use Tandem.

Everyone has their own own preferences. I definitely wouldn’t make a decision solely based on your doctor’s opinion on a pump. Talk to some vendors. Visit their sites. Go to some events to see and play with the products. Tandem does have an app that you can download to your phone and it’s supposed to give you an interactive demo of how the pump works.

Good luck on your search! And just remember, that you can always change to a different brand later down the line.

(Marcus) #24

Our son uses Dexcom and Tandem and we are please these communicate. With G6, the software reduces insulin when BGL is running low. In another software upgrade, it will increase insulin to control a high. As our son is young, this assists him more and the teachers and administrators too.

(ntrubov) #25

Doctors? Biased? What planet do YOU live on?

Last I heard, doctors are human beings. Humans always have been and always will be biased about some things. I would do my own research and I WOULD include the feelings of my physician on most ANY matter concerning my health care. But remember, physicians are not infallible and they have opinions just like you do.


(Lisa) #26

I’ve been in trials using the algorithm that TSlim will include once it gets FDA approval and it’s a life changer. The first time I had it at home I was heartbroken when I had to give it back. They are in final trials now - since you need to wait for the Medtronic closed loop system anyway, I wonder if it makes sense to consider what TSlim will have at the time when you would be able to get the Medtronic. I love that TSlim has made it so easy to update with a download with so many changes coming down the road. TSlim is so nice to input and so easy to see - I’m looking forward to switching soon.

(faith5069) #27

I have had the DexCom G6 sensor for several months and find the sensors amazingly accurate and the help line easy to reach and always able to provide a solution. I am looking forward to getting the Tandem T-slim pump soon (had an Animas) and look forward to the shut off with lows! The Dexcom G6 sensor was so helpful while travelling abroad when crossing many time zones and eating unknown foods.

(Nicole) #28

I’m new to T1D and have been considering a pump. I really appreciate all the comments on this. I got the Dexcom G6 and was hoping to get the Tslim pump but my insurance will only cover Omnipod or Medtronics. These comments have helped me too.

(Ashley) #29

Yeah this has been super helpful, thank you guys! I was at work today when I saw a customer wearing a t slim and a dexcom and was talking to her. I’m not 100% sure yet but I think I’m going to go with the t slim/dexcom combo. If I end up hating it oh well. I’ll be able to switch in a few years. It’s not something I’m stuck with forever. I truly think this option is going to fit my life style better.

(Allison Hampton) #30

Hi - I have two kids with Type 1. My oldest is 22 and he was diagnosed at age 2. He wore a minimed pump from age 4 up to last Christmas (2017). My youngest child was diagnosed a year ago at age 12. He and my oldest went on the Tandem T slim pump and I have just loved it. It’s lower profile. My oldest really likes it better.

My youngest is on it with the dexcom 5 and we are waiting for the G6 – it will be life changing to not have to fingerstick for 10-14 days - and the off feature with low blood sugars is wonderful.

I think this upgrade will finally convince my oldest that he can tolerate having something else attached to his body 24/7 knowing he won’t have to finger stick for 2 weeks. the G5 didn’t convince him…but here and there when he comes home from college and sees his little brother wearing it and his dad and I showing him his readings on our phones…I tell him how wonderful it is.

So…there’s my opinion. I’ve worked with both…I’d have to say go with the T Slim!

Good luck!

(Julie) #31

We have the same decision for our daughter - love the Dexcom and won’t give up the ability to watch her BG while she’s at school and playing sports. This itself might deter us from the 670G, it’s ridiculous to consider wearing two CGMs at the same time. I spent two hours on the phone with the Medtronic rep and heard a lot of “we didn’t have enough development time while the product was being approved by the FDA” as the reason for the missing features and device integrations.

I can’t seem to get our Tandem rep to answer my emails, which is a local concern. I’m curious how their support is after the initial order and training. If this is how our long term experience would be, I’m hesitant to commit to Tandem.


(Ashley) #32

@julied5600 I think I’m going to go with tandem because I like how slim it is and I like the thought of getting the dexcom. There’s an app you can download from tandem that simulates the interface if you want to see how it works. Very easy. And I haven’t dealt with tandem myself but I’ve heard nothing but good things about their customer service from people on here. I’m also on a type 1 diabetes supper group on Facebook and I’ve looked through tandem vs Medtronic posts on there and saw nothing but good things about tandem as well. Just a few things to look at! Medtronics bulkiness was a big con for me too.

(Ashley) #33

@julied5600 support group ** not supper group haha