Members of Juvenation

(Anonymous) #1

Alrighty, guys, so I'll try to make this one quick: your opinion about non-diabetes on a pretty diabetc-oriented site?
I think it's incredible that they want to be and take the time to be a part of it.

(BrianC) #2

Is this question asking what people think of having members of this site who are not diabetics themselves?

(Anonymous) #3

Pretty much, yeah. I ran into a member on here the other day who was telling me about how they would like to become a doctor to study diabetes, I believe. I thought this was a nice change to see someone seek out Juvenation and diabetics; I'm really used to people that as long as they can ignore diabetes, they do.

Just curious on how the rest of you felt about non-diabetics as members of Juvenation.

(Sabrina F) #4

I'm diabetic, but after meeting Joey a spent the rest of the summer studying about it, and I'm still super intimidated to say anything, because I don't have the firsthand knowledge...

(whatruhere4) #5

hey all of my friends aren't diabetic so it doesn't matter to me.

(JamesChambers) #6

I don't know...some of us...erm...I mean THOSE non-diabetics are pretty strange people...




(Jess86) #7

amen James lol