Most Annoying Question

(Chloe) #1

Hi guys,
I’ve been thinking, what do you think is the most annoying question you have ever been asked about or in conjunction to diabetes?

(Joseph) #2

Joe what is your number 1,000,000 times a day…

(Chloe) #3

or how about… does that hurt?

(Melissa) #4

What can’t she eat? You’re feeding your kid with diabetes McDonald’s?

(Chloe) #5

What about when people instantly assume that you can’t eat that because it has to much sugar…
Yes, I’m a diabetic, no I don’t want to eat that doughnut because I want to be healthy not because it has to much sugar!

(sneathbupp) #6

I’m seeing an opthamologist and a retinal specialist for non diabetes related eye problems and I always get questions like " You can’t get T1 as an adult, you must have had it your whole life, right?" and “Do you check your blood sugar every day?”

(Chloe) #7

WAIT! you have Type 1 diabetes, but your not a kid…?

(Chloe) #8

that is one that I have heard, not to my self, but in the public…
I’m like… how dumb can people be!

(Monica) #9

If you lost some weight, you wouldn’t be diabetic anymore. Um…I was T1D when I was underweight, too!

(Lisa) #10

Why can’t you manage your disability better?

(Lisa) #11

I agree. People assume that if you’re overweight that you are a type 2 diabetic. I even had an endocrinologist say to me, “Would it kill you to lose 20 pounds?” Diabetes is, essentially, a disease of starvation if your control is poor. I point out to people that the weight is a reflection of my good control. But the ignorant often choose to remain ignorant.

(Nancy) #13

Why aren’t you cured yet (T1)? Also one of my favorites “you’re not overweight, how can you be diabetic?”

(Melissa) #14

By a parent at my son’s elementary school after learning that a designated adult need to accompanying him on the field trip potentially loosing their chaperoning spot “I don’t understand what the big deal is (with t1d) he isn’t going to die of it!”

(Thomas Byrne) #15

The question that strikes a nerve every time is “Can you eat this?”

(Amanda) #16

“Oh you take insulin? You must have it really bad then.” Insert eye rolling here.

(Abby) #17

“But I’ve seen you eat sugar… why aren’t you dead?”
“But you don’t look diabetic… are you sure?”
“Doesn’t that hurt?”
“Why are you eating that?”
“Can’t you just lose weight?”
And my personal favorite–“But you had diabetes last year, aren’t you cured yet?”

(bsteingard) #18

“Why do you bother?” The most annoying for me is when I meet type 2 diabetics who think I can just stop taking insulin and be ok. To be fair, I’ve known several T2 diabetics who take great care of themselves after diagnosis, but I’ve also known several who completely ignored their diagnosis and treatment and thought that because they hadn’t died yet they were really fine. They’re the ones who tried to convince me it was all a crock and that I was crazy for bothering to check my blood sugar, carb count, take insulin, etc. I hated that. What do you mean “why do I bother?” You think I’m doing this for fun?!

(George) #19

People not knowing the difference between type 1 and type 2 and telling you aren’t you sticking to a diet?

(Janice) #20

Here is one I heard today, a pharmacist called my Dr’s office for approval to refill an insulin Rx. it seems that this pharmacist is the one receiving the BS logs from the patient, anyway he said “Why isn’t her blood sugar controlled, she is taking insulin” Don’t know what the Pharms scale is and as if Insulin is the be all to end all. I expected more from a pharmacist, oh well.

(PamK) #21

“You can’t let this happen! You have to control your BS better!” - more than once from paramedics when someone called because I was having a low blood sugar. Mind you, I’ve had T1D for over 50 yrs with no complications and am very well controlled. Low sugars happen to all of us!

Pam K
T1D 53+ yrs and counting!