Most Annoying Question

(Kimberly) #22

“What did you do?”

“How do you have diabetes? I eat worse than you. I must have diabetes.” (person does not have any form or type of diabetes)

(Patricia) #23

“Can you eat that?” makes my blood boil every time… Such ignorance that it is all and only about the food, and these statements come from people working in the Medical profession.

(Molly) #24

Great question!
(Some of these aren’t in question format).
“But you don’t LOOK diabetic!”
“I’ll always be healthier than you because you’re diabetic.” (inner rage, and nowhere close to true!)

(Jill) #25

“How do you take shots? I wouldn’t be able to be diabetic because I hate needles”…okay, well then have fun with that! Do you think I ENJOY taking shots? Yes, please, give me a shot…

(Jordan Cox) #26

“Do u have type 1 or type 2?”

(karenchq) #27

Great personal favorite!

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #28

Oh, yours is nothing you’ve had it all your life [60+ years] my friend who I take care of just got the really bad kind.
This was said by a retired RN; I never asked her what kind of diabetes is “good”.

(Camille) #29

“Are you sure you can eat that?”

(George) #30

So true. We all have lows, it comes with tight control. It means you are doing a good job overall.

(Lisa) #31

That’s one of my favorites, because I’m a LDN!

(Thomas) #32

Like so many of the replies, the worst, most mind-numbing questions and comments I’ve experienced have to do with the general public’s ignorance regarding (a) the difference between T1 and T2, or even worse, (b) the lack of knowledge that T1 diabetes exists, and that it isn’t insulin-dependent T2. I always get a lot of condescending questions from even the most educated, and ironically, very out of shape, about why I just didn’t take care of myself better when the doctor first told me my “sugar levels” were getting pretty high. People…

(19italia) #33

I see… So you ate too much sugar when you were a kid! :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t3:

(sneathbupp) #34

My husband asked me if I was low because I missed our exit the other day. Later he turned the wrong way and had to drive for blocks before he could turn around, so I asked him if he had low blood glucose. He laughed and we both pointed out that not all minor mistakes are due to blood glucose levels