My 9-year-old daughter diagnosed almost one month

(Divina) #29

Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking into a camp coming up next month for my daughter. I am glad that your son agreed to continue his activities and was open with everyone about his T1D as well as teaching them about it. That’s awesome!

That’s my challenge with my daughter. She has only told two close friends and declined attending two of her other friends’ birthday parties as she is uncomfortable about being “different” and not being able to be “normal” like everyone else. No matter what we say or encourage her to do, she will still not want to talk about it.

I will be looking into having her meet others soon and keep encouraging her to return to her activities. She seems to have a mindset that she wants to wait until she is able to use a CGM and insulin pump which is in a month or two. But I feel that she should return to activities soon.

(Divina) #30

This weekend sounds good. We live in Hawaii. One of my daughter’s good friends moved to Texas this past summer. :slight_smile:

How is your son doing emotionally?

Google Hangouts is free if you have a Gmail address. I know that Skype charges now and we have not used it recently. We also can do Facetime on iPhone. If you’d like to email me individually, my address is

Thank you!

(Greg) #31

thanks so much, he is ok emotionally but this morning his hair wasnt right for school pictures and poof, he was one pissed off kid. Pray that I make it through this without him giving me a heart attack or stroke! =)

(Sarah) #32

My daughter is the same age and just diagnosed a month ago. She has the same behaviors and meltdowns. I’m right there with you.

(Joy) #33

Hey, Divina. I just joined the forum. My daughter was diagnosed 5.8.18 and we’re still adjusting. She’ll be eight soon and it’s a struggle.

How’s your daughter doing now? Does she have a cgm? The cgm changed our lives. I wish you the very best.