My Diabetes

(Jibbs) #1

I was just diagnosed on September 30, 2009

(Amanda18) #2

i am really sorry to hear that. i was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and i have to say i hate it. but i am still trying to get used to this.

I have been sick, and being sick doenst help getting it back under control.

I hope you have an expierence as easy as mine was.

Good Luck with your newly diagnosis. :)

(Lavonda) #3

Hi, I was diagnosed in August 2009, six weeks of shots, I am 46 years old, this is a new lifestyle change isn't it? If you need to talk maybe we can help each other, my email is

(stanandkathie) #4

It is amazing to meet people who are newly diagnosed and be truly able to relate to each of you.  It is amazing the circle that life takes us though because I remember all the feelings and crying and mourning.  It does get better, I promise.