Need bag to hold phone and dexcom

(Natalie) #1

My 4 year daughter is going to start preschool in September. We need a fanny pack or bag for her to carry a phone and dexcom with her. Does anyone know of any good ones for kids that could fit a large phone. All of this is very overwhelming!
Thank you.

(Patti) #2

A runners waist pack that you clip around the waist might work for her, or a waist pack you might wear when on vacation for you phone & wallet?

(Kathleen) #3

Hi. Another poster had mentioned the SPI (small personal item bag). I took note of it for my daughter when she is ready for a CGM and/or pump. I attached the website post which shows all sorts of pretty options. I know they are sold on Amazon as well. I can’t personally recommend it, but it sounds perfect for a child. My best to you.

(Natalie) #4

Thank you both.
I tried a spibelt, it fits the dexcom g5 well, but wont fit a phone. She needs a phone to share her blood sugar with me during the time she is away from me. I know there is a large spibelt bag for adults, but doesn’t fit a 4 year old.

(RunningOak) #5

I have a Nike running belt that is just large enough for my Galaxy S8 and Dexcom. It is adjustable in size, but may need a slight modification to fit snugly on a 4 year old.

(eouwinga) #6

My 10 year old carries all her supplies in the “CARQI Sling Bag Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Purse for Hiking Camping Men and Women” from Amazon. It works very well!

(jasontanner) #7

My son used to use the amphipod. That worked well for holding 2 devices, and it’s stretchy