Needing help with lows

(Billy) #1

I am new to Diabetes, I'm 14 yrs old i was diagnosed on November 28th 2008 and am getting lows, but i cant always tell, i notice that when i'm low i usually get really hot and my hands shake, but sometimes nothing happens, i had a 48, and i felt fine... but then BAM!! i couldnt stop my leg from shaking and i couldnt focus on anything, couldnt concentrate, wasnt thinking right, ( i was playing Cribbage at the time and i was adding everything up wrong) and my hands were just crazy. I thought i was going to pass out cause i was so light headed. What other signs can i look for before this happens again?

(bassoonist1719) #2

shakiness is the most obvious symptom, but for me, if i can't think or read, that's when i know i'm really low.  sometimes when i get below 50, i won't even shake, but the world will feel like it's slightly tilted and everything will be surreal.  walking/coordination gets harder too, no matter how low you are.  it's hard to prevent lows but checking before and after exercise, etc. it important.  hang in there!

(A-D) #3


Actually, bad at math is one of my self-tests for low sugar.  I have found that if I can't add a string of numbers in my head or do a series of multiplications without tripping over them - I'm usually in need of a test.  Feeling warm, sometimes, and long pauses between thoughts (it may not come through in my posts but I’m a pretty stream-of-consciousness kinda’ guy)…  I know a number of people posted things they’ve noticed at:

Just because it isn’t shakes or sweating, don’t discount something as a possible symptom.  Pay attention to your body.  Doing that, along with reading and research will go a long way toward letting you know what your sugars are up to…  Of course, my mantra is: if in doubt, test! J