New T1D Diagnosed 4 year old

(Sarah) #1

Anyone with me? Need advise…thoughts, tips, prayers, anything!!

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #2

YES Sarah @Senessat I am with you, and so are many other members.

I’m not a Medical Doctor but I do have 60+ years experience living with TypeOne diabetes. Feel free to post here ANY questions or concerns you have [you will have many], vent frustrations or just talk - message me any time.

And Welcome to TypeOneNation, and I feel for you and for your 4 year old as you begin a new venture - but all is not lost, diabetes can be managed to fit lifestyle and live a long, active, full and productive life.

(Sarah) #3

Thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone and learning a lot. It’s a tough journey.