New T1D Diagnosed 4 year old

(Sarah) #1

Anyone with me? Need advise…thoughts, tips, prayers, anything!!

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #2

YES Sarah @Senessat I am with you, and so are many other members.

I’m not a Medical Doctor but I do have 60+ years experience living with TypeOne diabetes. Feel free to post here ANY questions or concerns you have [you will have many], vent frustrations or just talk - message me any time.

And Welcome to TypeOneNation, and I feel for you and for your 4 year old as you begin a new venture - but all is not lost, diabetes can be managed to fit lifestyle and live a long, active, full and productive life.

(Sarah) #3

Thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone and learning a lot. It’s a tough journey.

(Drew) #4

Hi Sarah,
I was diagnosed when I was 3 and I’m 19 now. It can be a struggle at times, but it always gets better. When I was in middle school, I tried to deny the fact that I was a diabetic and put a lot of stress on my parents. I learned from a few friends my age with T1D that many kids do this, but we all eventually get back on the right path and get to where we need to be. Just let you kid know that many people are willing to help and to never let it hold the disease hold them back. Go play sports, join clubs, get involved in anything as I did at a young age and it will make managing diabetes so much easier. Feel free to ask me any questions if ever needed!

(srscott12) #5

Hi Sarah,
The beginning is so overwhelming. I remember doctors telling me that it would all be ok, that it could be managed, etc… but there were certainly days that did not feel true. I also work with kids at a children’s hospital, and see how difficult these new diagnoses are every day. If you haven’t heard of it already, check out Bag of Hope with JDRF! Rufus the Bear with Diabetes is an awesome tool - he has patches on his body where he gets shots of insulin too, and 4 years old is a great age for medical play. They can feel more control over a situation if they get to play doctor or help take care of their stuffed animal just like someone else is helping take care of them.
Disney also has Coco, a character created with Type 1 Diabetes. I believe there’s a kids book online you can order, and that’s a great tool as well.
Will be thinking of you as you adjust to this new normal in life :slight_smile: