New tubeless Pump

(A-D) #1

It looks like these folks are getting ready to relase their new tubeless pump offering.  I am not sure that anything should stay on the skin as long as their base but the folks in the video sure look happy about it, LOL - anyone look into this or have good data/info???




(sandra cook) #2

This looks nice but does it work as good as the movie shows?

(A-D) #3


That is the million dollar question, hehehe - Since it hasn't been released for sale just yet, I guess we'll have to hope to find someone who was in on the trials...



(meme) #4

I just watched this-I like the look of this pump--I wonder when this will be sold ?

(Sarah_0776) #5

It looks like a great pump, but my only question is, why does it say you have to be 18 or older? Is that just for ordering purposes, or are they actually saying that you need to be that age to use the pump?

(A-D) #6


I believe that their FDA approval only covers adults.  I believe they are pursuing (or intend on pursuing) the approval for younger patients but they have not acquired it, yet.  From what I have seen in other areas of diabetes treatment (and many other types of treatments) the approval for childrens' use is often delayed because the requirements are (as they should be) more stringent.

Please keep in mind all of what I have written above is based on my best guess based on what I have seen and may or may not be completely valid - though I will hope to be corrected quickly if I am off base...