New Years Resolutions!

(meme) #1

Mine are--Focus on the positive and move foward :)

(system) #2

Stopping smoking for the new granddaughter on the way.

(system) #3

continue to surround myself with good friends and family and make sure i let those i love know i care cuz you never know how long you've got.

(empresaenchanted) #4

My New Years resolution is to participate in the LA marathon and to surround myself around positive people.

(akoster) #5

Do my best on the MCATs

(cab0902) #6

Getting control of my blood sugars and focusing on getting healthier

(mellannie) #7

to eat less sweets... i have a really big sweet tooth!

(Gina) #8

Melanie, Me too! ugh. I don't think I could ever keep to a resolution LOL

I would say my resolution would have to be to exercise more. I have been slacking in that area since I started working again. Focus more on a healthier lifestyle.


(Aneka) #9

be better on my my control and count carbs better, learn how to insert my own insertion, and do good on finals!

hang out with friends and family!

(Jessica L) #10

To make it with more ups than downs for myself and my daughter.

(Run D-Link) #11

Write down my readings.

(bunucky_jonas_11) #12

to live happily and healthily

(Trisha Faye) #13

to go to church - no more excuses

(thebeatles909) #14

to get better grades in school and hopefully get into an art show :)

(DDrumminMan) #15

to exercise more 

3x a week

(SaraTheRed) #16

I'm going to work towards running a race- hopefully a 10k next fall! Time to get my butt in shape!

(CHLjoe) #17

Don't really do resolutions but I do have a few I wouldn't mind getting done:

Get the tattoos I have ideas for and find, enter, and win at least one fight

(MaDEvans) #18

Develop better study habits and stop binge drinking.

(meme) #19

Gina-I found your new group-Exercise and Fitness.......add that to my New Year Resolution list-I joined,ha!!

(sarahslp) #20

I never keep my resolutions, but I've already been working on eating better for the past 2 weeks. So, my resolution is to keep improving in that area!