Newly diagnosed and starting clinical trial

(Hannah Strickland) #1

Hi all. I’m a newly diagnosed 42 year old. What I am interested in knowing is what kind of experience people have had with clinical trials. My approach is, I’m relatively healthy, I’m not a doctor, but I can be a guinea pig. Have people had good experiences? Is it worthwhile? How far do you travel? Any insights are appreciated. Thanks!

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #2

Hi Hannah,
… and welcome to this world of living productively, actively, happy and healthy.
I’ve now gone beyond 60 active years living with diabetes and have learned that there isn’t anything I can’t do - yes, I’ve managed T1D to fit my lifestyle.

Clinical trials. Over the years I’ve participated in many and as result I was on the cutting edge of diabetes management. Trials I’ve been in include laser eye therapy for retinopathy starting in 1966 and now I may be the longest living person with laser surgery; glycosylated hemoglobin in the early 1970’s - now called Hb A1c; studies on anemic incidence; as a precursor to the DCCT study; and the list goes on.

I often brose the web searching for additional studies and I’m on the list of available candidates - most of the studies currently would require me to live in certain geographic locations, not in Florida. I was fortunate in my younger days to live near Boston and I was a patient of the Joslin Diabetes Center.

(Hannah Strickland) #3

Thanks Dennis for your reply. It is encouraging to hear how much you are able to contribute to making treatment better and, hopefully, finding a cure. Your story is inspiring, I am encouraged to participate myself.

(SuperSam101) #4

@Dennis “Happy” lifestyle