Noninvasive Glucose Monitor

(A-D) #1

Hi Everyone!

Someone posted this link in a group I subscribe to and I did just a few minutes of poking around.  There is a company that looks to be about two years out from releasing a noninvasive glucose monitoring system that works.  The company name is Solianis Monitoring AG and can be found on the web at:

Their Technology and News pages offer a great deal of information as does a video release found at: Solianis Monitoring AG -Video Presentation.

I think it is an exciting and promising concept.  Has anyone had any contact with this Zurich based group?



(Dylan404) #2

Wow that's awesome. That will be so much more convenient than normal CGM's that have the be replaced every few days. I have a feeling in Canada the government health care would cover it too, since it seems like a one time investment. I think having a CGM like this would really improve control, based on the fact every time I have a CGM on for a few days my control is great during that time.