Nose bleeds?

(Wren9207) #1

I just found out I had type 1 back in feb. and in the past week I have had 3 nose bleeds which is not normal..could this be related to diabetes?

(whatruhere4) #2

i have never heard of that. i have had diabetes for 19 years and i have had maybe two nose bleeds.


it might be because of some other things, dry weather can cause it or stress or an injury.

(Wren9207) #3

hmm i didn't think it was relaited to it but I was just making sure..
I guess ill look into other causes.

(hcole) #4

Might be the change in weather.  I always get way more nosebleeds in the spring.  Also diabetes does make your skin drier, so that never helps the nosebleeds

(figure skater girl) #5

i never get nose bleeds. i got one small one. that was the only time i have ever had a nose bleed. and it was because i was hit in the nose with a basket ball.

(Gina) #6

I highly doubt your nose bleeds are from diabetes but you should definitely get that checked out by your doctor.