Now that Freestyle Libre is approved, will you use it?

(Denielle) #21

I actually ended up not caring for the libre. I had very large gaps in what it was showing me and the actual truth. I could be 60-70 points off. That was too large of an inaccuracy with how brittle I’ve turned out to be. I am currently using the dexcom. And I love it. I have been on the 670g pump since I’ve last written, but it turns out pumping isn’t for everyone lol. Diabetes has been a struggle but coming up on my one year anniversary, I feel a lot better and more confident about it now. Much love and good A1Cs to you all!

(PamK) #22

AWG - I know I’m coming into this late, but if you were able to get a new pump as well as CGM, the Dex G6 and Tandem T:Slim pump work great together. I am now using this combo and I love that I no longer have to carry a separate device to get my G6 readings. They go right to my T:Slim, so I only need to carry my pump! I’m curious what you decided to go with?

Danielle - That is a Very Large discrepancy! I’m surprised the Libre was approved if it is that far off, unless you were in the initial start-up of a new sensor. I have seen both Medtronic and Dexcom sensors off by that much the first day I put a sensor in.
Also, you might want to consider the Tandem T:slim X2 the next time you are up for a new pump. It works wirelessly with the Dex G6. I love not having to carry two devices anymore ( I used to be on a Medtronic pump with the Dexcom G5)!

Pam K
T1D 54 1/2 yrs and counting!