Over 40, female T1Ds

(Kirsten) #21

I have had T1D for 49 years. Diagnosed at 21 months. I don’t know if I’m in meno yet because I had a uterine ablation several years ago and no longer bleed (woo hoo!). My blood sugar usually runs high for about a week every 5 or 6 weeks (I consider that PMS week) so I’m guessing I’m not there yet. I didn’t see much difference at 40. But once I turned 50 I noticed my metabolism seemed to slow waaaay down & I started to gain weight. I’m also tired, foggy & forgetful. I don’t take very good care of myself because I have been lucky not to have significant complications & I’m kinda cocky, so that could be causing some of my fogginess.

(Michelle) #22

I’m 45 years old and diagnosed 6 months ago after a quick trip to the emergency room with DKA. I’m adapting as well as can be and getting it under control. Since this started, I have dizziness when I stand and random sudden loss of energy several times a week. I can’t tell if it’s the td1 or my age, and nothing seems to make a difference - any recommendations?

(Dennis Van Hoof) #23

Hi Mary,

Have you checked your blood pressure or your heart rate? I understand from an earlier post that you are very active, which may lower both. Being very fit has all kinds of benefits except for the inconvenience that your heart rate can get so low while not active, that if you sit down for a while and then suddenly stand up, your heart didn’t get the chance to give an extra beat yet to push the blood up to your brain. Does that make sense?

Dr. Dennis Van Hoof, PhD, CLC
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(Michelle) #24

Thanks: this does make sense. I haven’t been tracking, but will do so to help see if it’s the case. Thank you.

(Patti) #25

Hi Mary, I’m T1d for 28 yrs, 56 and very active also. Seems minor but make sure you are hydrated well. I’ve never had either of those symptoms when low so I doubt that’s it, plus you’ve prob checked your Blood sugar when that happens