Overwhelmed parent of T1D son age 6

(Jessica) #21

Yes my son does too… :relaxed: how did they get to be so smart for there age…

(Stacey) #22

I am sorry. I felt the same way. My son is 5 and I was starting to get more Parent time and taking off time from work for Brunch with friends then it happened. it is devastating, heartbreaking and frustrating. Our endocrinologist told us we can invite a family friend or family to his learning apts or schedule time with a nurse so others can learn about it and how to understand and administer insulin ect… The best thing to do if make everyone aware of what is going on. Our new CGM has gave us a lot more comfort. My 5 year old is already teaching his 14 year old brother and he has educated himself. Takes his own blood glucose checks and dials up is own insulin. My son told me he has decided to do his own finger pokes because he see’s I look sad.

(Jennifer) #23

Hi everyone. Just wanted to express how right you are about routine! My son was diagnosed March T1D, he is 2 , fell into a coma. Even though it’s been a rough few months, he’s on the pump now, and I stay at home. The routine through my day helps big time. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps him good and the day going smooth. So mommas and daddies definitely need to put that in place right away to make it easier!

(Justice Remington Cagle) #24

Hi there, my name isJustice and I am a diabetic and was diagnosed around 5 years ago when I was 10. And school was just about to start and my parents where the same.
Honestly diabetes comes with a lot of trust and the way I felt with it was my parents spent a week with me making sure that I know every little detail and ratio. Once that happened I became completely independent. And I get that sounds hard and it can be a lot for a kid but it will help and there are ways you can simplify things so he can understand and do it himself. Idk if this helps but it’s what I think and it maybe could help.