Parents with young children with diabetes - new to the group

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My daugher Casey was diagnosed on 1/27/09.  She is currently on 3 shots of Novolog per day and 1 of Lantus at night.  We have started looking into the Animus Ping or Minimed for her, not sure which to choose.  She as been amazing with everything she's had to adjust to up to this point!  We want her to have more freedom and fewer injections, that's why we're looking into a pump.


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Hi Debbie,


Jarett hated getting injections also, and with the Lantus, he was getting 4 a day.  We are on the minimed and it is great.  It took some time to get used to, but my year of experience with the carbs/insulin/protein/activity..........really helped to make the transition.  As with any new thing, there will be an adjustment period.  The Lantus did do a better job at keeping his sugars from peaking, but again, it adds a shot because it does not mix with other insulins.


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Dawn-My son is 3 years old and was diagnosed 8 months ago!  Everything you wrote is everything I have gone through!  I remember when only a month had gone by and it felt like a million years but yet it was only a month!  Elliot's honeymoon phase was only 4 months but as you stated, it varies from person to person.  We also, had to change his Lantus to the morning because he was low all the time at night.  Which when we did that it seemed to work! 

The playing thing is so hard!  He has an older brother (Peyton-5) and Elliot just wants to keep up with him.  But he loves to eat so when I offer him food he is all over it and will drop whatever whenever to eat, eat, eat!  But the funny thing is, is that he is skinny.

The family thing!  Ugh!  This is hard!  We have 9 nieces and nephews who all range 5-2 months!  And when we get together, it's food, food, food!  It's hard in the beginning but after time and lots of talks with Elliot he gets that he can only have certain foods at the party until dinner time!!  Offer him carb free choices!  Meats, veggies, & cheeses!  Family is tough!  When I called my sister to tell her that we were in the hospital and Elliot was diagnosed with diabetes, she said "That is no big deal!"  Really?  It takes time to educate them and others too!  But you have to be your voice for your son!! 

Keep your spirits up! 

We just got Elliot on the OmniPod!  Day 1 for us!  But we have heard such good things about this pump!  So, we are excted! 

Take care!


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Hi Dawne,


Welcome to the forum...  Sorry to hear that your son was recently diagnosed.. My daughter is five years old as well and she was diagnosed back in September...  Things in the beginning seemed so overwhelming and there is so much to absorb but after a while is does get a litter easier...  I feel like your son is going throught a similar course of diabetes as my daughter...  She is still in the honeymoon period as well and does go low and some occasional highs...  It does help  be able to talk to other parents that are going through the same thing...  I want you to know that you are not alone and that if you have any questions you could send me a message or post a question on the forum and some one will answer....

Regards - Debbie and Brooke (5)

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I was reading through the responses to this forum and found that your son was diagnosed at 8.  My daughter was diagnosed last week.  She is 10.  I am looking for some support out there as my husband is currently working in Iraq now.  Right now I am scared, sad, angry, frustrated, overwelmed, in denial and all the range of emotions that come with this.  Wondering if you have any ideas of where to find it?  In person would be great, but I understand it may be online.  I keep reading about the honeymoon phase and wonder how that whole thing they start getting a lot of lows and thus discover this is the honeymoon phase.  Lows scare me more than anything right now. 

How often do you check your son's blood sugars?  I feel like I am over checking for everything right now. She doesn't mind the finger pricks too much.  I do it before she goes outside, when she comes back inside (an hour later), when she complains she has a headache (even if it is only a half hour before dinner and I know I will be checking her then).  How often is too much to check or is there not a too often?

Okay, before I overwelm you with too many questions, I will leave it at that.  Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.



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How did you know he was running low at night?  How often did you check.  I want to check every 2-3 hours but I am afraid that is being paranoid.  I have been still checking when I go to bed (about two hours later than she) and then about three hours later than that. 

If they are low, do you wake them up and make them drink something right then?  We were diagnosed last Wednesday and of course we have the holiday weekend in here.  We just got out of the hospital on Saturday.  I will be having daily conversations with our endo starting tomorrow but I would like all the input information I can get right now. Thanks.



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Wow my daughter is 9 and she was just diagnosed on May11th, it was a complete shock and it turned my family upside down for a couple weeks. We are slowly getting some normal routines back but everyday that passes things seem to get a little easier.

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My son, Connor, was diagnosed February 2006 when he was 5 and has been on the OmniPod for around 2 years now. I've seen just about everything pod related so if you need anything let me know.



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Our endo recommended that we stop checking our son once during the night because his numbers were good and then boom, he started his honeymoon.  My husband and I didn't think that we should stop checking him during the night as he had only been diagnosed the week before.  This was 7 weeks ago, we are in the honeymoon phase now and he is still getting lows at night.  We check him sometimes every hour during the day, because he is constantly low.  He is high energy and constantly running around and hardly eats anything.  I don't think you are paranoid.  As we tell our son, the numbers will only help build a history and help figure out his pattern so we can get the doses right.  So, he doesn't mind that we are checking alot right now.  We have to treat him with juice at least twice a week in the middle of the night.  We just wake him up and have him drink the juice and he goes right back to sleep.  As a Mom I would rather err on the side of caution.  The endo can advise you, but remember, you know your child!  Our doses are down right now to 2 units of Lantus and currently he has not had anything else (Novalog) during the day for over a week because his numbers are so low.  We are just getting lows and pushing him to eat and drink as much as possible.  It is so frustrating.  Good luck, and I know where you are right now, don't question you instincts and read everything you can, so you can be the expert!