Please help In need of g5 senors expired or not

(Brittany) #1

Hi all, I’m in need of g5 senors for my child will take even expired I have been every greatful for all thoes that have helped me out . I’m still in need for g5 senors weither they are expired or now .can pay for shipping.

(Sherri) #2

I may have one or two. I will check tonight… send me your email or address. SMS

(Brittany) #3

I can send you my email

(shariza) #4

Hello! Send me your email my daughter switched to new G6 system so we have some extras left over for the G5!

(Brittany) #5

My email address is

(Welmoed) #6

Dear Brittany,

Did you see the latest post on the type-one-forum…? Extra Supplies - Dexcom and Medtronic

Good luck!

Kind regards!

Welmoed Ekster

(Brittany) #7

No but I did now thank you so much .