Potential Viral Trigger for T1D--PLEASE READ!

(Dania) #21

Exactly! Thank you so much for your support!!

(stephensyu) #22

It is very possible that virus attack at young age causes antivirus antibody to attack islet cell.

(sherrik830) #23

I completed your survey, it was on behalf of my daughter, Anna.

(bronx) #24

I can’t get your suvey. Please send to kksmck@gmail.com

(Luisa) #25

We’ve completed it :):):slight_smile:

(Jen) #26

Completed it! Can’t wait to hear what you’re able to conclude from everyone’s responses. :slight_smile:

(Ethan) #27

I just did it! I have never heard of T1D being linked to illnesses and vaccinations before…

(Dania) #28

Thank you so much! I cannot wait to share my results with you !

(Dania) #29

thank you so much! :slight_smile:

(Teressa) #30

Just finished with your survey!
I’ve had this suspicion as well
I answered your questions on behalf of my 7 y/o daughter, Miss Mya!
Very excited to see your results and conclusion
Keep us posted