Pump tube problems?

(jdjim) #1

Anyone out there have difficulty with snagging the pump tubing? I just caught it on a chair and ripped out the set. That’s happened to me a number of times and is quite frustrating. It only happens when I have the pump in my pants pocket. Obviously it doesn’t happen when I keep my pump in my shirt pocket, but I wear t-shirts a lot. Anyone have a solution?

(Mimo) #2

I just wrap it around a couple of fingers and tuck into my waist band. It keeps it out of the way but is easy to pull out when I need too. Also, especially in the summer, I also take a strip of KT tape and cut it into quarters and place one piece over my pump site. The tape is very sticky and designed to be worn for 7 days so it really helps. I cut a small square to allow for disconnecting my pump site when needed. Also, there are places on my body where sites stick on better than others. For instance when I use my low back for a site on a wheelchair soccer day it always comes out (it rubs against the back of the chair).

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #3

That has probably happened to everyone who wears a pump; has happened to me a few times nut not frequently. A lot depends on where you implant the infusion.

Mostly I’ve used my abdomen for infusion sites and hang the pump on my bely in a holster or on the waist band with a clip and tuck the tubing in my pants. Or, I run the tubing through an opening in my shirt and carry the pump in a pocket with Velcro closure - good when biking. I also find when active wearing gym shorts the pump clip allows me to wear the pump pm the inside of the waist band with all tubing under cover. I also sometimes at he beach or in bed, when very active, use a Velcro waistband with a pocket and affix the bely directly over the infusion site.

(mathews6) #4

My husband cuts small holes in his pockets and runs the tube through and there is no tube hanging. Every time he gets a new pair of pants or shorts he does it in both sides.