Pumps During Exercise

(Anonymous) #1

During exercise, although mainly during running, my pump falls out of my pants pockets which pulls on the site. Any suggestions on what you do with pumps during exercise?



(Coolwater) #2

Get one of them zip pockets and zip it halfway :)

(whatruhere4) #3

being a girl is good at this point if you want to get a sports bra and stick it where you feel comfortable on that it works. i would stick it on the side.

(Gina) #4

do you have the clip on that works or sometimes i stick in my bra that works too.

(Anonymous) #5


Yes, I do have a clip for my pump. However, one thing I have noticed with that is (wearing sweat-pants kind of a material while exercising) it sometimes slips off. The only pockets I've found that hold the pump well is jeans; if only :)

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone. It's been a really big help.

(ruthyhill) #6

Clips don't work for me either... they slide when I run, which is my usual method of exercising :)  However, recently I've been going low while exercising, so I just take off the pump for three hours (I exercise for one hour) since I set up my temp basal for 0 units.  Anyway, if you do find a method that works for you, please post it.  I'd love to hear it in case there comes a time where I have to put on my pump again during workouts :)

Take care!!!!!!!!!

(butterflygal291) #7

i disconnect while exercising most of the time especially running which almost always causes my blood sugar to drop. So i don't need it in anyways

(ihugpalmtrees) #8

I actually disconnect while I run.  I typically don't need that extra basal insulin during exercise: it lowers my levels so much.

I'm sure it's on a case by case basis though.

(audrey_raelynn) #9

While I am running, I usually stick my pump in my pockets (I have workout pants with the zippers on the pockets and I zip it up about 3/4 of the way).

Hope that helps!! :)

(Danielle1090) #10

Have you heard of the SPIbelt?


I just received mine last week. It is not big, and fits snug(so it doesn't bounce around). It might work out well for your pump! I know a lot of people have used it for their pumps(if you go to the 'Community' tag scroll down to 'Diabetic' and read peoples reviews there as well).

Hope this helps!