Questinn about lab results

(Amanda) #1

Can someone be type 1 with c peptide in normal range?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #2

Now Amanda @acornele that is an interesting question. What I write is based on my own research and I am not a medical research professional.

As a rule, and ALL rules have exceptions, insulin and c-peptide are produced simultaneously and in almost equal amounts. By definition, TypeOne Diabetes is defined as someone who does not produce any insulin at all, or produces an extremely small amount of insulin. Normal c-Peptide in a body would indicate that that person is producing insulin in “normal” amounts. A long way of answering your question as “Probably not”. But it may be possible.

If I was told that I have TypeOne diabetes and that my c-Peptide is normal I say let’s do more evaluation and do some retesting.

(Amanda) #3

Thank you for your response. My 17 ur old son was just diagnosed. His blood sugar was high so his DR. sent him to the ER and they admitted him and done labs. Based on the labs everything was normal except his blood sugar. We had a nurse that is part of the endocrine practice that he now go to teach us how to use the insulin and she told us that he has type 2 based on his normal c peptide and she said his pancreas is working. When we went to our first appt with the endocrinologist that Dr told us he is type 1 because the labs show he has antibodies for type one and celiac disease. I’ve read that some main symptoms are thirst and frequent trips to the restroom with diabetes and he has never had those symptoms even though he has high blood sugar. I’m trying to understand all this and hoping he is not misdiagnosed.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #4

Very interesting Amanda @acornele.
I’ve heard only of one other person with a similar [but not exactly] the same condition as your son. The person I knew was heavily in to “Fit Crew” fitness program and regularly endured very heavy and strenuous activities. is you son into athletics?

My suggestion, make certain that the doctors he see are the very best in your area. If you are near Boston, check with Joslin Diabetes Center [] - my alma mater; also connected with the Medical School at University of South Florida [USF] there is a diabetes center that is coordinating studies to identify persons who may develop TypeOne diabetes [] .

I’d be interested in hearing your son’s progress.

(sneathbupp) #5

C peptide is the precursor to insulin. There are some schools of research that indicate T1D begins with poorly folded protein production. So C peptide is not properly processed into active insulin and the misfolded stuck on the islet cells starts the autoimmune cascade. So yes, it would be possible to have T1D and still have C peptide for awhile before the islet cells are completely destroyed. Some clinical trials out there are looking at halting or reversing T1D if caught early enough. Maybe look into that while getting clarification on diagnosis and status? Good luck to you