Question for Animas Ping pumpers

(JackieL) #1


I recently received my Animas Ping and have not gotten trained on how to use it yet.  This will be the second pump I have had (the first was a Minimed Paradigm) and I have not been on the pump for several years. 

Since my decision to start pumping again, I have had a friend of mine who is a seamstress alter some of my pump-unfriendly clothes because one of my biggest issues with pumping was not having the freedom to wear what I want without extensive planning or being uncomfortable. 

My friend's solution to some of my clothes issues was to put a buttonhole on the inside of one of the pockets so that the tubing is completely concealed by slipping it through the hole.  This is going to be great for higher-waisted pants and pants with oddly placed or shaped pockets.  (I used to have a lot of problems with tubing getting caught on things and I am not one of those lucky people who are super comfortable letting the whole world see evidence that they have a diabetes.) 

This may not make a lot of sense but what I need to know is:  What is the tubing-connecting device like for the Animas Inset brand?  Mainly I am interested in the size of the plastic that comes on and off the insertion site on your skin.  Also, is the plastic hard or flexible?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


(Sarah_0776) #2


I just started on the Ping as well. The Insets are kind of triangular shaped, with rounded corners. At the widest point, it's about 1/2 inch. The plastic is hard. The size of the plastic when it comes off the insertion site is only about a centimeter long. I hope this is what you were looking for.



(puns_and_roses) #3

The connector is the same as the Minimed infusion sets. I recently switched to Animas from Minimed. If you could use the button hole with the Minimed, you'll be fine with the Animas