Question on adhesive for CGM

(janeo8760) #1

Hi all,

I am new here.

I am in the process of seeing a CGM will be covered by insurance. In talking with the company Dexcom I asked about the adjesive. I have not an allergy but sensitivity to adhesives. They gave me a very lame answer!
On this post CGM Sites and Activities CManton mentioned some items to help with the adhesive but I am wondering if it will help with the rash that can develop.

I am still on the fence about getting the CGM. I barely sleep at all and when I had a temporary on for a week when first diagnoses it was so uncomfortable to wear at night I kept waking up.


(cmanton) #2

Here is a strategy you might give a try:

The main part of it is putting a ToughPad between your skin and the Dexcom adhesive. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve seen several people say it works for them.

(cmanton) #3

You also might want to check this out, as it’s the same person talking about strategies to help the adhesive last if you try the ToughPad approach:

(janlb) #4

The method that I have found to work the best is this;
Sensicare spray skin barrier, then Skintac adhesive, then apply the sensor. I usually get at least two weeks out a sensor sometimes 3.

(Nancy) #5

I have an adhesive sensitivity, too, but didn’t realize it until I needed to wear a bandage for several weeks 2 years ago. The Minimed cannula never affected me poorly, and I’ve been wearing one for 17 years. I attribute the lack of dermatitis to using the Smith and Nephew skin preps. I use them for any adhesive I need to use, bandaids to cgms sticky pads.