Recommendations for belt to hold a pump in small, pocketless child?

(Fiora) #1

Likely a long shot- I’m deep in Etsy and probably just going to order a few of the fanny pack type belts.
But maybe other parents have recommendations?
My daughter is almost 4 and very small. 28ish pounds, and will only wear leggings and (twirly) dresses. She will be getting a tandem tslim in the next couple of weeks.
Does anyone have anything they recommend?

(mikefarley) #2

Have you looked at Spibelt? The Flex includes a hole for infusion set tubing. A little cut and stitch should get it down into her waist size.

(mikefarley) #3

BTW, I use a belt clip most of the time, but for physical activities, biking, etc., I have a Spibelt Flex. It works well for me.

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(R) #4

Hi, my son was diagnosed at a young age, before he had pockets. I purchased small pump pouches with adjustable belts from Medtronic. The pouches zip along the top. The belts don’t buckle, rather they “click”. Pouch and belt sold separately; then I trimmed the belts to fit his waist. We have since switched to Tandem; he is bigger now; and I am still using these pouches, they actually fit the T-slim pump better than they fit the Medtronic pump.

If you go this route, pls look carefully at the pics on Medtronic website. I found out to my dismay a few weeks ago that they are also selling another style of pouch that unzips along 3 sides, instead of just along the top; and all I can see coming from this style is the pump hitting the floor several times each day.

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(Diane) #5

You may want to check out Tallygear. They custom make the belts and have a collection of cool fabrics and options. Closures are Velcro so comfortable and easy for a younger kid. We have used their belts since my daughter was diagnosed almost 3 years ago.

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(Grace) #6

I use spibelt. I am 13 yrs old, but have used it for years. Durable, lightweight, and I love it

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(Tracie) #7

My daughter was 44 lbs and almost 5 years old when she was diagnosed. The pockets in her clothes, if they even had them, were way too small to hold her pump. I found these, we call them belly bands, and they worked GREAT for her!

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(Emily) #8

I have found out that a spibelt works best especially when I was younger and more active.

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(Clair) #9

My daughter is 6 and has been wearing the t-slim since she was 4. I made her a spandex belt that Velcro shut. I used a running belt tutorial. She can run, jump, wrestle with brothers and the pump stays close to her body.
I bought a Spibelt but the buckles seemed like they would be uncomfortable. The spandex is completely smooth.

If you can’t find one, I could make you one.

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(Fiora) #10

Thanks so much for all the replies. @Clair, your offer is so sweet, thank you! I may take you up on it!
I found a kids spibelt for $18 on amazon and we will give that a try.
What will she do when she sleeps?

(Clair) #11

My daughter wears her belt at night. That’s why I like the spandex. No hard buckles to lay on.

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(Tracie) #12

The Hipsters ones have zipper closures, and our daughter wore that at night too. Now that she is 11 she just uses the clip on the case and clips it to her pajama bottoms. :slight_smile:

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(Fiora) #13

The hipsters look great, my kid is just so small. She’s almost 4 and like 28 pounds.

(Tracie) #14

My daughter was 44 lbs when she wore it, There was also a pouch that has velcro on the top that keeps the pump in, and it has a strong magnetic connection that helps keep it on. She attached it to her pants and her panties so that it wouldn’t pull her pants down. LOL

Hope you find one that works well for you. It’s tough when they are tiny!

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(Fiora) #15

Really? Do you recall what size she was? I love the look of them but from the size chart the smallest size would fit me. It’s only $15 though so I am happy to give it a shot.
Oh I’m seeing this link you posted. Definitely giving it a shot! Thank you!

(Tracie) #16

This one the size that fits the pump is what you need. :slight_smile: I can’t remember what size that was. If I can find the size I will let you know what we used for the TSlim pump.

(Tracie) #17

I think it was the Medium Long for the pump. The small and the Medium where just too small… (again, I am going off of memory.) You might see if there is a local store that carries them so you can go and check them out. I shockingly, found ours at Hallmark. Yep, the card store. :slight_smile:

(Fiora) #18

Thanks again for all the recommendations!
We met with a trainer today and started the saline trial, on me. She starts insulin Monday, and I feel like I’ve got some great options for her.