Removing the black goo?

(Goatleg) #1

That’s left behind by Dexcom sensors, infusion sites. I have always used goo gone and it’s worked great but my wife thinks it will give me cancer

(BookwormNerd13) #2

I use Unisolve, it works great!

(Emily) #3

My Medtronic Guardian transmitter gets gooy from all the tape…if you take an alcohol swab or two and “massage” the affected area, the black stuff comes off pretty easily.

(wadawabbit) #4

I’ve never had this problem with my sensors but baby oil usually helps remove sticky stuff.

(Donna) #5

I used tacky glue for awhile but have switched to an item called grifgrips. They do an awesome job keeping my sensors in place and will last 2-4 weeks. They are a pad that fits over your sensor and leave very little sticky residue behind. They’re great

(Erin) #6

I know this sounds funny but I just use a little olive oil which seems to break down the adhesive and I can roll/rub the black goo off. Pretty gentle on skin and I always have it around!

(Cindy) #7

Unisolve is medical grade. Safe, very effective, available on Amazon :blush: