Seeking Recommendations for Endo in NYC

(BetsyJFM) #1

Hi all,

Hoping some of you live in NYC... I just changed insurance (now employed and moved away from grad school insurance thank goodness) and need to find a new endo to treat my diabetes and hypothyroidism.  Looking for someone affiliated with a good hospital, since I'm thinking about having another baby soon too (My son is 3.5).  I use a pump, want to upgrade to a One Touch / Animas Ping or something similar.  Manhattan preferable, but would consider Brooklyn.  I have Empire BC BS insurance.  I got really spoiled with my experience in San Francisco at UCSF - they had a fantastic team, CDE, Nutritionist plus the Endo himself.  Now I'm worried it can't be matched!

Thanks, in advance,


(rdgove) #2

Dr. Ronald Tamler. He's fantastic. We have the same insurance (Empire BCBS). He works out of Mt. Sinai on the upper east side. Just google him for his info.