Showers and lows

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This kind of makes sense scientifically because temperature extremes open your blood vessels or something and makes your cells absorb insulin more easily, but has anyone else noticed that after you take a shower, you either go low or you drop noticeably?

(yossarian) #2

I was wondering the same. I definitely drop about 20 after a 10-15 minute shower. But yesterday, I took a shower while I had some insulin on board and I managed to drop from 163 to 103 after a 15 minute shower. I was glad I was on the high side before I went in.

(Gina) #3

Hmm Katie,

I never noticed but I will be on the lookout for lows after a shower now. Thanks for the heads up.

(DiabeticandProud) #4

I was wondering if that was just me........hum, guess not

(OmniUser) #5

Yeah that happens to me.. I had to get out early out of a shower because I waas going low.. could have been the exersise but still i notice drops after showers. :)

(Lojo) #6

I often go low after a shower.  I thought it was due to the heat because in the summer when I get into my hot car, I almost always drop way low.   It is not fun!

(Trevor) #7

I've never had this issue, but then again, I don't take long or overly warm showers. Typically my showers last 10 minutes at a moderate heat.

I do, however, notice that when doing heavy physical activity in extremely warm weather, my blood sugars drop more quickly and without warning than when doing heavy physical activity in cool or extremely cold weather.

(Eric_Carpenter) #8

It might have something to do with the activity leading up to the shower (exercise), or the relaxing nature of a shower.  Stress raises blood sugar, relaxing lets it drop back down.

(RaeRae) #9

hmmm.. well the more and more i think about it yea i have felt dissy and shaky(my symtomes of a  low) but but thought it was do to how hot my showers are... i'ma girls and most of my showers take 30mins or so... but i never thought to cheak after a shower.. but i also always have a small fruit before bed and i'm told not to cover it because i have had a long exsisting problem wit lows when i sleep and its just a percotion i take so i guess that all could tie into gather..... i might pay more attion to this from now on thanx. this could also be y i had midnight lows..... 

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Does anyone else not cover their bedtime food with insulin???

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[quote user="Sarah"]

Does anyone else not cover their bedtime food with insulin???


What do you mean?

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[quote user="Cesar"]

[quote user="Sarah"]

Does anyone else not cover their bedtime food with insulin???


What do you mean?


I believe it depends on the type of insulin she's taking as well as her specific needs. If it's basal insulin at night-time and the insulin level is perfect during the day but too much during the night, I can understand why there's a bit of fruit taken to boost the nighttime blood sugars up enough so that there are no lows during the night. I personally would be more apt to lower the basal insulin amount and modify the amount of bolus taken at meals to correct it.

That said, though, there are definitely times where you might not cover your bedtime food with insulin, especially if your sugars are displaying a downward trend, and you believe that the insulin you took the preceding morning is going to adversely affect your sugars while you are asleep. If I'm running at 80 in the evening, for instance, I'll take a quick munch of something without compensating with insulin to prevent possible disaster, even at the risk of ending up a few points higher the next morning.

Of course, this is based on a series of assumptions that may or may not be accurate.

(OmniUser) #13

Ok get it now lol. Thanks!

(RaeRae) #14

well sarah i dont but i can go to bed wit a BG of 160 and wake up wit a BG of 100. like last night i was out wit friends and i felt low and didn't cheak but i had a candy bar anyways just because we were goin to the dunes and i was goin to be really active but then when i got home it was late and i was gonna take my lantus n go to bed i checked and i was 170 and that was from being really active all day. but before i went to sleep i didn't cover about 3 units of insulin worth of food and when i woke up i had a BG of 93. i've gone over this wit my doctors and they tell me not to as long as its just a snack not a full meal

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Thats crazy..i never really noticed. ill look out for that. i have noticed though when i just get mad and sit around my blood sugar rises. but my doc said its because of adrenaline but who knows.....?

(figure skater girl) #16

i have a snack before bed if my blood sugar is good and its without insulin.

i notice that my blood sugar drops while in the shower. it usualy drops 1 to 3 mmol/l