(akels) #1

I have recently had a lot of stomach pain.  The minute I eat I get severe nausea.  I have also lost about 15 pounds. BTW my last A1C was 5.4%.  Any ideas on what this might be?

(Gina) #2

Celiac, but seriously if you have a problem you should really be calling your doc ASAP... That doesn't sound good.

(Eric_Carpenter) #3

You might want to get your thyroid checked too.  Some thyroid disorders cause nausea when you eat and can lead to eating disorders (Hashimoto's I think).

(akels) #4

Thanks for the advice.

BTW I called my doctor and they just told me to eat soft foods and take it easy.  They also told me to take Prilosec and wait and see what happens.

(Gina) #5

Thanks for letting us know I was wondering if you called your doc! I hope you feel better soon!