Silly tears

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Maybe I'm just hormonal, but I just had a major melt down about changing my pump site.  My stomach is so scarred and ugly, and the pruny effect after I get out of the pool or shower is even worse.  I know with the insulin pump it's fewer needles, but they still hurt sometimes, and the callouses on my fingers?  I'm only 23 and I have the fingers of a much older person.

I know there are much worse things in life, but I'm just soooooo frustrated and tired of it, tonight...

Tomorrow will be better!

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There is nothing silly about getting overwhelmed from time to time.  I think it’s great to take a minute to stop, recognize it and be prepared to move forward.  From where I sit, it looks like you are doing very smoothly what I stumble through like a drunk Frankenstein with a bad ankle sprain… 


There are always worse days and better days and who better to recognize that than a group of people who have to live their lives on the averages, eh? 


From one person who’s had some bad days mixed in with the good, I sure am rooting for ya’!  I am glad you shared this moment with us and I hope that, as you are reading this, you find that your post is already history…


(continue to) Be Well!





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Thank you for the encouragement!  That day is totally history now.  I'm pressing on!