Single mom and 11 yr old son diagnosed with T1D last week. Feeling overwhelmed

(Chrystine) #1

I feel like I got it then I feel like i don’t.

(Kathleen) #2

Hi. My 21 year old daughter was only diagnosed about three weeks ago. I know how overwhelming this time for you can be. I also know that in that short time, we learned quite a bit and are learning every day. We are finally taking a breath and seeing we are not alone. There are so many people on this site offering their experience and goodwill, you will find you will not be alone in this journey. My best to you.

(Chrystine) #3

Thank you so much. It is very comforting to know others feel the same. My son is actually very strong and has been doing great but then of course has his moments. Just feel exhausted.

(Wendy Spencer) #4


My daughter was also 11 when she was diagnosed - that was three years ago . It is very scary as a parent, especially at the beginning when there is so much to learn and take in. It takes time, so be kind to yourself. Both of you will adapt, it does get easier. Surround yourself with support - people who understand, and people who can help. Best wishes to you and your son.

(carl benwon) #5

Our daughter was diagnosed at 11 also. We were shocked and relieved all at the same time. In the weeks prior, she lost a lot of weight and the doctor made mistakes. Folks were even suggesting she had an eating disorder - our sweet and wonderful daughter. She has always been strong - well in the face of others - and always administered her own insulin. She managed her best through high school and college, now 25 and married.

Weird thing is, last year, I was diagnosed with LADA and in the last month, I now have full-blown type 1. So, my parenting helped me calibrate to type 1. That said, I really didn’t quite get it until I had it! So, give him understanding, 'cause such matters are always on our minds. It’s a physical and a mental condition. We just have to always think over our sugar and insulin and our carbs and our diet and our setting and folks around us and what they think and, and, and. . .

Hang in there, there’s a rhythm and we all have to find it. I’m still working on it myself. May need to retire. I think youth are better at such resiliency!


(Wendy Spencer) #6

The GP also told me my daughter had an eating disorder. He also sent us home with her glucose levels at 46, in DKA. Needless to say we found a new GP after diagnosis. I found it so strange that his first thought was anorexia. Kate manages all her own testing and injecting (she is fiercely independent!) Best wishes as you tackle your own health issues.

(Luisa) #7

One day at a time, as hard as it sounds try not to overthink. You will both be learning together, my 11 year old was diagnosed under a year ago and we continue to learn everyday. We are blessed to have a lot of tools available to us and them to try to make this disease a little more bearable, things that have not always been available. Have faith, if you practice religion hang close to that for comfort and peace. You will do great, he will do great, your bond will only get stronger and you will be amazed to see the strength your son has. Good luck :slight_smile: