Sleepovers=bad things for bailee

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So when i was like 7 I had my best friend in the whole wide world over(caitlin) and so we were playing on the xbox and i remeber it was my barbie horse game( :P ) and so i did not feel good so i sat down. Then I RAN to the nearest sink and barfed to high heaven. Then I woke up in a hospital bed with my favorite stuffed animal in one arm and an IV in the other. So when i first woke up i looked around for my mom (luv ya mom) and i asked "Is caitlin still at our house??" and of course it was a no :(. but i felt soooo bad.. So then my pastor ( im lutheran) came and saw me and i felt so happy that my church is praying for me and that im surrounded by peopel who luv me, it really openend my eyes. But then I had to be transported so they made to go in an ambulance and the one thing i remeber was seeing a nurse there and he looked and sounded JUSt like Ed from extreme home makeover. I passed out soon after that though.. I also remeber once I got to my hospital bed i asked mom if taht was ed from extreme home makeover. that was a no to but... I was soo happy becasue I left the day after that. I got floodes of letters from friends and family.

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ya it was stressful!!

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ya it was stressful!!

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oops sry i posted that twice[quote user="Bailee"]

ya it was stressful!!