Smart Watches That Test Blood Sugar

(Karlyn) #1

Hi! I’m new to this site, but my dad has had T1D since he was 20 years old, and he is now 65. We often worry about him getting too “low,” as he has had several accidents over the years.

He has an insulin pump that he uses, and a continuous glucose tester that he “can’t figure out” how to use (any tips on how to get him to want to use it?).

However, I was excited when I learned he wanted a smart watch for his birthday, and I found that there are some smart watches that either sync with the continuous blood glucose tester, or one (called K’Track Glucose Watch) that you can press the face and tiny needles “taste” levels in your skin fluids. Here’s the link to the resources I found:

Anyone ever tried any smart watches that will do this? Were they effective? Which is the best one?

Thanks for your help!

(Ryan) #2

Do you know which continuous glucose system he has trouble using and the cause of the problem?

I don’t have any experience with a smart watch myself. There will hopefully be a new, implantable system coming soon that could be easier for him, depending on his current trouble:

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #3

Ryan @rpm3313, the Sensonics Eversense six month sensor has shown good trial results so far. A few days ago the Eversense 90 day sensor was approved by the FDA for general use. I do not believe that the Eversense was approved for “therapeutic treatment” as were the two latest Dexcom monitors; the Eversense is more in the class of the several Medtronic sensors.

Karlyn @karlynlu, have you seen any of the trial results K’Track glucose watch? I’d be interested. About 15 years ago I was a tester for Glucose Watch continuous sensor which I thought was my “perfect” solution mostly because it was non-invasive - the watch hels a “sensor pad” against my skin and gave continuous readings and alarms. Only problem was - it failed to work properly. I had high hopes.