Son with Type 1 really needs friend

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My son has been type 1 since he was 14. Now at 23, he is still struggling. We are looking for a friend with type one who could help him. We are in Naples, FL.

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@brndybnchyahoo-com it woudl be great if your son could come to the site, check it out, and talk about what he’s going through? possible?

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There is the South Coast Chapter of JDRF right in Naples, the contact information is at:
A way to find people near you is through the website, in the top margin click on “JDRF Near You”, he just missed a big gathering yesterday in Naples. Hope to meet you someday, I’m at the JDRF Cups of Hope every month in Sarasota.

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It is very hard for me to get him to do anything. I will try.

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Hi, my name is Ann and I also have son that is 23 and he is having a very hard time. He was diagnosed when he was 21 and he dropped out of life at that point. He managed to finish his associates degree, but hasn’t worked since. He stared going to counseling recently, not much progress yet. He doesn’t have friends that he is close to. I was very glad to know that we are not alone.

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Hi Ann,

Thank you for sharing. Are you in the Naples, Florida area? I would love to meet you.

Cindy Brandy


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Hi Cindy,

My name is Joe and I’m 24 living in Philadelphia. I was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 2. Obviously I’m not very close to Naples, FL but please feel free to reach out should your son want to connect.

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Hey, Joe,

Thank you for reaching out to me. I am going to try to get my son to connect with you. Not easy. He rejects any sort of help. You don’t know how much I appreciate your willingness to help.


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I’m in Wisconsin, I wish we were closer to each other. I have a son graduating high school this weekend. I would love to talk to you, any day better for you next week?

Because my son was diagnosed after be was 18 , there wasn’t much information given to me. I just found this group.

Hope to talk with you, Ann

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Please call anytime. I would love to talk.


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Hi Cindy and Ann! I’m 25 and I was diagnosed at 9 I am currently in the process of bettering myself and my health I’ve been struggling for years at this point despite my efforts in these last two years. I understand what your sons are going through very much. I know a couple other T1Ds but no one close to me. Please feel free to give them my info should they need to talk and feel free to do the same yourselves. My email is