(Gina) #1

If at anytime you feel that there is someone spamming Juvenation, please report it to me directly and I will take care of it ASAP.


(Robbieduck) #2

How much do you bolus for having spam?  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  Of course you'll be notified.  :)

(BrianPQuinn) #3

Have you been running into cases of spam lately?? I would scramble an egg....

No seriously are you running into spam often now??

(figure skater girl) #4

whats that? sorry but i am no computer expert.

(Gina) #5


Spammers are people who try to sell something on this website that has nothing to do with diabetes or write you directly to endorse a product that will cure your diabetes, or you keep seeing the same person writing the same thing over and over again. With the same exact wording on every post.

(Anonymous) #6

Has there been any? Story time??

(Gina) #7

Yes, I stopped it and deleted them right away.

(Anonymous) #8

Gina to the rescue! :D

(Diabetic_Babe) #9

[quote user="Alyssa"]

Gina to the rescue! :D


GOOOOO gina! get those ppl out of here!

(Papa Jon) #10



I don' t even know what that means :-) But if you tell me I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know.

Papa Jon

(Papa Jon) #11

ok I didn't look at the whole thread. oops please ignore me :-)

(Eric_Carpenter) #12

I did notice over the past few weeks people starting posts that said "hey this is great check out this website", but they also had a large number of posts...any idea how to evaluate whether someone is an established member (based on number of posts or anything else?)?