Star treck or star wars?

(catlover13996) #1

so, i just have to ask, which do you think is better, star treck, or star wars?

For me, its star wars. i mean, come on!! star treck is SO LONG!!! and seriously, 'beam me up, scotty"?!?! Who could pull of hair like Padmes? certanly not Scotty!! And does star treck have a cute little green guy named yoda? NO!!!

Star Wars is YODALICIOUS!!!!!!

P.S. may the force be with you 

(jeremysmom) #2

For us STAR WARS all the way!!!

(catlover13996) #3

WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Star treck sucks STINKS!

(rach123) #4

I have never watched either sorry!

(stilledlife) #5

i mean... starwars is cool and all, not many people are better then a stormtrooper, but I'll have to go with Star Trek on this one, it is just a smarter show dealing with real world issues. Spock is my Darthvader, without being evil!

(Marie) #6


Like jeez! Star trek is wack. Darth Vaders not evil....he's misunderstood.

(Kimbert) #7

as awesome as star trek is, gotta go w/ star wars.  it's EPIC.

...also, Stargate anyone?  yes, I am an awesome nerd who watches stargate....

(Woo Its Pat) #8

I might have to go with Star Trek (fixed that misspelling) but only the Voyager series...Nerd level just rose way up

/I'll be over there

(Aurora) #9

Star    WARS For me, all the way!

(Angel34) #10

Don't shoot me, I've never like science fiction.