Supplies and avoiding "Mom, I only have three test strips"

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(joe) #2

@vmccord HI,

2 thoughts com to mind:

auto refill is something that the mail order rx places do. no more having to order. they come in the mail - even insulin, and no it doesn’t spoil…

Have you heard the story of the man “who burns the rice”? The proverb is all about not letting “that guy” cook… because he always burns the rice. If you don’t want a job anymore, you need to burn the rice on purpose once in a while. This works well for laundry, turn a load pink… and they’ll never let you do the laundry again :wink:

that stinks… for you - something I learned when I got exhausted being the fire department and first responder to a large corporation full of chaos and daily “emergencies”. this takes nerves of steel. this takes repeating in a mirror “A failure to plan on your part is not an emergency on my part”. this may not be completely appropriate for every unplanned supplies shortage but it is a strategy that can get you out of being the only key person ever.

your job is to give your daughter the tools to do it herself, because in 2 years she’ll be at college and doing it herself. your job is no longer to do it… now it is to teach it.

good luck to you

(wadawabbit) #3

On the flip side of the coin from @vmccord, my bff used to run out of her asthma meds on a regular basis. When I went to her house I would sneak a few to keep on hand…

(ksannie) #5

Girls this age are difficult to deal with and can play parent off of parent. The suggestion to start automatic re-ordering was great. But also, give her a logon to the mail order place, put in your credit card number. Then give her the login and tell her she needs to start ordering her own supplies, as practice for when she is on her own at college or her first job.