Syringe disposal

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My daughter was diagnosed in April. Our city provides a free disposal service but will only provide one very small container at a time. We are being over run with sharps. I have looked into other options but everything is expensive. I feel like I read somewhere that you could dispose of syringes at a hazardous waste disposal site in marked cardboard boxes. Does anyone know if this is true or have any other suggestions for syringe disposal?
Thanks, Shawn

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Hi, Shawn. I’m afraid rules are different in different places, so you really need to find out from your county (or city, or town, or whatever). Will they give you a bunch at once, maybe? Our city takes full sharps boxes at any ER, and give us empties. We can get any size they have. I like the medium ones – smalls fill too quickly, and nowhere to put the large ones. But if they’re out of mediums, they’ll give me a couple smalls at once, and that works. Otherwise, I’d be running to the hospital every few days!

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Sorry, just re-read and saw you already said they won’t give you more than one at a time. Neighboring city/county, then? The rules might be different there.

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Also worth trying at different times, just to ask different people. Sometimes it really matters who’s behind the desk when you ask.

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Hello Shawn –

Please Google “mail order sharps disposal” and see if any of these will work for you, and be affordable enough as well.

I also know that one of the major syringe manufacturing companies makes a syringe clipper, which you could use for your insulin syringes and pen needles.

You could then put the clipped-off sharps into the [small] container that they provide for return to your municipality.

I hope one of these solutions is helpful to you, but if not please let me know and I will try and come up with some more solutions for you.

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