Tanning problem

(Brynn) #1

So I have started tanning with my Dexcom g6 but after I am done it gives me this page. Is there a way to make it not do that?

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #2

Hi Brynn @brynnrenee05, I use the G5 and haven’t run into that error - YET.
What did the Dexcom customer service person say about that? I notice that this readingis on your phone, with only 16% power - you may “possibly” get reading on the Dexcom receiver - at least with that you will be able to know the bluethhoth connectivity quality.

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(mikefarley) #3

I don’t tan, but I’m wondering if a tanning bed raises your skin temperature. There’s probably a temperature range for G6.

(joe) #4

I’m with @Dennis. Check your low power mode because if it’s on, your phone may shut down comms like Bluetooth and entire applications. Did the sensor come back after charging your phone?

(Brynn) #5

It came back after the 3 hour waiting time but it is just annoying that I have to wait that long just to tan for 6 minutes😕

(Kate) #6

I would call Dexcom. I can guarantee you that you aren’t supposed to wear it in a tanning bed. They don’t want you to use it when going through airport security. The transmitter can get damaged.