Tape suggestions?


I have been using the Medtronic CGM since January and I find the tape that they send along with the sensor is extremely irritating to my skin. I have tried not using it but after a few days I worry that the sensor will peel off without being secured. Does anyone have other tape they use that is not so irritating? Welcoming any and all suggestions…

(Abby) #2

I use the Dexcom CGM and I’ve found that Skintac works really well for keeping the sensors attached. I think they sell it on Amazon pretty cheap; definitely worth it it my opinion :slight_smile:

(Kathy) #3

Hi. I am also very sensitive to the tape, particularly on my abdomen. I’ve tried both tegaderm and IV 3000 tape (both the 6x7 cm tapes and the infusion set tapes). Both are fine and do not irritate my abdomen. I’ve found that The infusion set tapes are easiest to use - you need to do a little experimenting to figure how best to place it but they do work). The infusion set tapes do pretty well with showers, sweating, humidity, etc but I find the other 2 don’t well for me with showers, sweating and humid conditions.

I have found something that works very well for me. What I do is use flonase topically (the antihistamine nasal spray). What you do is liberally put it over the area where you want to put the sensor and tape. Let it dry completely. Then clean a tiny area where you want to insert the sensor. Let it dry. Insert the sensor and then use the Medtronic tapes. I can get a full 7 days with no irritation. The Flonase use is off label but works for me.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #4

Hi Abby @bookwormnerd13, which of the Dexcom [3, 4, 5, 6] do you use? And is your CGM integrated with your pump?

I’ll be meeting tomorrow with one of my endos to discuss which pump / CGM configuration will work best for me; I need autosuspend.

(Jessi) #5

Grifgrips work wonders. I use one piece of the tape that Medtronic sends (over the sensor) & then a grifgrip over both the sensor & transmitter. They hold my it securely & don’t irritate my skin at all. Plus no adhesive residue on my skin or transmitter.

(Abby) #6

Hi Dennis!
I currently use the Dexcom g5, although my endo wants me to switch to the g6 as soon as possible. I loooove it :slight_smile:
I actually don’t use a pump right now; I’m still on MDIs. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Please let me know if you have any other questions about Dex, and best of luck with your endo appointment.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #7

Thanks Abby.
today the endo did order me to begin on the G5 and we discussed moving to the G6 when available but she cautioned on that because she couldn’t imagine how a factory calibrated sensor [no user calibration with G6] could properly monitor MY body.

I’ve been on the Dexcom 'call back list" for about a month.

(Kathy) #8

Hi Hannah @bejoyful42 - one thing to do is call Medtronic tech support. Tell them you are having tape sensitivity problems. They should send you a tape sample kit. It has a number of different tapes and adhesives in it. The included guide (at least the version I got) is almost exclusively focused on making things stick better. There is not much on dealing with tape sensitivity but you can at least see what tapes are available and do some experimenting to see which will work for you. If you are still in their StartRight program, your coach may be able to provide some ideas. Also check with your trainer.

(lepley) #9

The tape they send with the sensors bothered my skin so bad!! I would have whelps, and it was painful. Now, I use a large sheet of tegaderm tape over my whole site, sensor and transmitter. I insert my sensor, attach the transmitter, and lay the tape over all of it. I even cut off that little strip that held the transmitter down, because the corners of it would bother me. I make sure that the tape is not tight anywhere to where it pulls against my skin. This has really helped me a lot! I buy the tegaderm on Amazon but you may be able to get it through wherever you get your supplies as well.

(bill) #10

There are some great suggestions here! On top of my Dexcom G4/G5 sensor sticky tape, I’ve used Smith & Nephew surgical film/tape, similar to tagaderm and I’ve no skin reaction, even after a few weeks. I researched other brands that MAY be different,and therefore, may not cause a reaction if another does. Granted, I’m not sure if they are different. Names include Opsite, Mefix, Fabrico, and Cover-roll.

(Lewis F) #11

I called Medtronic and they sent me a package of several different items. Some did not apply to my need, but some did. I tried all the ones that I could to cover my 630G CGM Sensor/Transmitter, but only the Smith&Nephew IV3000 did not irritate my skin. So I now use the IV3000 all the time. I would like them to be a little larger than the 6cm x 7cm size, so I would not have to be so careful in putting it over the sensor/transmitter.

(Nancy) #12

@bejoyful42, I, too, get dermitis from adhesives. I found by using a Smith & Nephew prep (lately I’m using their Skin-Prep) before applying any tape (even band aids!) helps prevent a reaction. I had a horrible reaction to an occlusive dressing (over-tape) I got from the hospital (I think it was made by Lilly) so I stick with the S&N IV3000. No allergic reactions since. I didn’t see who made the tape you were using, so I hope my feedback helps also.

Best of health!


@Dennis - good luck!

(Nancy) #13

Oh dang, I forgot to mention I buy 4 x 4 3/4 pieces from Amazon. You cam also buy it in rolls, which i think is more economical.

(bsteingard) #14

I resisted using a CGM for years because I’ve had really bad reactions to bandages and medical tape, but I started using the libre a couple weeks ago. The libre’s adhesive doesn’t bother me, but the sensors kept falling off early, so I’ve started using Simpatch adhesive patches to help keep them on. They make ones sized for Dexcom, too (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSA9TMB/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01MSA9TMB&pd_rd_wg=oFozo&pd_rd_r=MNTD2XRJ0KJ54N9GGJ6D&pd_rd_w=v8kqy) and I haven’t have had any bad skin reactions to them yet. My dad also found an Australian company, RockaDex, if you want fun shapes and colors: https://rockadex.myshopify.com/collections/dexcom.

(Ann) #15

I’ve had really good luck with Smith and nephew fkexfix opsite from Amazon. Good staying power, comfortable and transparent so it’s not obtrusive. Good luck.

(Colby) #16

I use the extreme K-Tape and it seems to work pretty darn good. I cut it up into like 4" strips. I am a firefighter and it holds even when I am sweating after being in a burning building. I have tried many others but this seems to work for me.

(George) #17

I use SimPatch which works much better than the Medtronic tape. Event the Medtronic rep uses this tape and we all have had the rash you are talking about. They come in patches rather than a roll and is very easy to apply. You can get them from Amazon.