Teaching and Diabetes

(joe) #21

@supersam101 coffee can increase insulin resistance. since you need a “basal” insulin in you at all times, zero carb black coffee can cause your blood sugar to rise, not from the coffee but by making you need extra basal insulin.

@momoftwins coffee can be tricky, but it is so darn good, I just have coffee at the same time and the same amount and deal with the blood sugars by bolus/correcting.

(Linda) #22

No, no sugar in the coffee. Stress from coffee, absolutely! The caffeine triggers a flight fright response and the adrenals kick in which in turn kicks in the liver to convert glycogen into glucose so we can respond to this “emergency”. As we are all individuals, we all react differently, but this is not unheard of.
As a matter of interest there is also a new theory out there that people that consume large amounts of caffeine throughout each day may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. We are not meant to have so much fright flight in our lives and, overworking the adrenals can burn them out. Kindof like over working the pancreas with a high carb intake and ending up with burnt out cells (decreased insuline sensitivity) resulting in type 2 Diabetes. But I digress…