Technology Thoughts

(ashleymkuhn) #1

My latest blog is on technology advancements including the Dexcom meter and artificial pancreas. I would love to hear your thought on both these devices! Please leave a comment on my blog and don’t forget to subscribe! Please click on the link:

(helins19) #2

At the recent JDRF conference in Bethesda there was a great presentation with Tidepool now has an app, BLIP, that reads information from multiple pumps and meters and sensors. What is great is that I can now see my MM pump information from Carelink on the same site as my Dexcom sensor readings. This is what we need. I had actually stopped downloading to Carelink since I had the Dexcom sensor. I thought without sensor readings it was no good, but it is amazing to see all thins together. The app is free to all. Wonderful work in my opinion.

(Crisann9) #3

THANK YOU!!! The Tidepool software/app is awesome!