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This is an open “topic” that should be at the top of the “Coping and Support” Community.

For the general T1N community - PLEASE do not post here if you are not a Teen or young adult.

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(Abby) #3

Hey y’all!! I’m Abby, 16 years old, diagnosed age 7, from Chicago. How’s everyone doing??

(Katherine) #4

im 16, diagnosed at 4, 6 days before my 5th birthday. From ohio :slight_smile:

(SuperSam101) #5

18, diagnosed for two years.

(Rachel) #6

I’m 17 and I’ve been a T1D for 8 months :smiley:

(Briana) #7

My name is Briana I am 16 I was 11 when I became a diabetic

(Amanda ) #11

I was 6 and have been for 7 yrs.

(Cassidy) #12

Hi Guys!!

My name is Cassidy I am 13 years old and became diabetic when I was 6 yrs.

(Abby) #13

Happy World Diabetes Month y’all!!

(Aireana) #14

Hi katherine i’m Aireana i’m 15 and i was diagnosed 3/4 years ago and i’m also from ohio

(Alyssa) #15

I’m Alyssa, I’m 15 from washington… and really want diabetic friends because I don’t have any right now and don’t really have anyone to talk to… my snap is alysssahyaaatt my insta is spiffy.lys and my email is alyssadenny253@gmail.com