Teens with type 1

(Kate) #21

I have actually had the dexcom for almost 2 years now and i do love it. The only thing is i have to set the alarms to the ones that don’t stop unless i go into the app for the night time settings (you can have 2 types of alarm settings, i have daytime which is less loud and nighttime which is more loud) because i am a super deep sleeper and my mom was worried about it when i go to college soon. The thing that i have a hard time with is trying to explain to my mom that once i drink juice to get my blood sugar up its going to take time so the alarm still might go off. Does your mom or dad ever get annoyed with your CGM alarm going off all night sometimes? i just don’t know what to tell her to help her undertstand that its not magic you know. I have been looking and they have made the omnipod smaller which is why i am considering it because believe me that is the reason i always said no to it but online they said it is smaller then a strawberry! and i like that i can put it on my back which would be my favorite spot that i cant use now because of tubing. I use sticky wipes and IV sticker holders to hold my dexcom down for two weeks and they work great! I can totally relate to the itchiness! Ill accidentally make my skin bleed from all the scratching!!! I have found that baby lotion around the site helps a lot and at the very least it will make your skin harder to leave scratch marks and dry on.

(Kate) #22

As long as you check your blood sugar when you need to you should be fine! i have had diabetes for my whole life and only had one problem and it was completely my fault because i basically forgot i had diabetes when i was at my softball tournament and didn’t check my sugar or cover for what i ate and it scared me so much it i always remember to check and cover! Horseback riding sounds super fun! i have always wanted to try it but where i live there are not very many opportunities to!

(hopper166) #23

Yeah true. Oh man that doesn’t sound good, but glad your ok now. Yea! Been riding for 10 years now … aww, too bad there arent lessons near you tho.


(Hannah) #24

Oh that’s awesome! Yeah my parents are worried about college this fall too, if I’m being honest, so do I.

My nighttime lows almost always go over corrected because my mom gets worried and would rather have me be higher overnight then low. Which is super annoying because you start the day feeling crappy and crabby. :slight_smile: What is your go-to low snack? I use larabars and orange juice.

My parents don’t get too annoyed, they just worry. So I’m not sure how to help with that. Maybe just try explaining again and asking for patience and help?

It’s smaller?! That’s awesome! How soon are you looking to get your new device?

Sticky wipes and IV sticker holders and lotion, thanks for the tip!!! I can’t wait to try it!


(Kate) #25

Yeah but for college i just feel like since i know my parents wont be there to wake me up ill be more prone to get up and correct.

My go to low snack is juicy juice! love that stuff. For Christmas my mom bought me a mini fridge so i could keep it in my room and not have to go all the way down to my kitchen or wait long enough till she brought me one haha. And i always over correct to so i know how it feels in the morning going to school high! That’s an interesting combo i have never thought of that before! My grandma is a nurse and she always tells me peanut butter and milk!

I am looking to get one as soon as possible really but defiantly before i start college. I think my plan is have the reps come out early June and then ill decide on the one i want and get it right when school lets out so ill have all summer to play with it and get used to it before i have to go back to school.

(Kate) #26

Yeah it was just because i got symptoms i never had before like tremors in my hands and it was in the middle of me pitching so it was really scary. Hey i never asked do you have a CGM? that helps me x100 in school and my parents too. That’s so cool! i have been playing softball since i was 6. Do you compete in competitions or race people? i dont’ know a lot about horseback riding!

(hopper166) #27

Yeah, I can imagine how that would be scary :sweat_smile: I do have a CGM but i don’t like it because it makes me overcorrect for bad numbers … I have better control without it. That’s awesome! One of my friends plays softball too! I’m hoping to get into more competitive riding but not doing any racing right now… soon I might be learning dressage!


(Hannah) #28

True :slight_smile:

Huh! Peanut butter and milk? Why’s that? I need to keep something in my room, I’m really bad at getting food at night, I’ve been so tired that I literally do nothing and just go back to sleep.

Sounds like a great plan!

What do you like to do? Interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, job?, siblings?, pets?

(Kate) #29

Did you use a CGM incorporated with your pump or the dexcom? I have a dexcom and as long as i calibrate 2x a day its super accurate so i don’t over cover but whatever works for you! That sounds great! Whats dressage? It sounds really cool!

(Kate) #30

I have no idea haha but it works really well. When i used to go low at night i would drink a cup of milk and eat some peanut butter crackers before bed without covering and i would stay stedy without going to high!

I was really bad about that too which is why my mom got me the fridge! Its right next to my bed so i barely have to get up.

I live in Baltimore and I have been playing softball since i was 6 and i love babysitting kids! College wise im looking into majoring in something with Buisness but im not sure! How about you?

(Hannah) #31

Cool! Another thing I’ll have to try!

Awesome! You must be wicked good!

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, I play the piano and harp, I dance (ballet, clogging, and ballroom), I love to read and I am a nanny! Do you have any siblings? I am the oldest of 6.

Cool! I’m going to major in Human Development and minor in Early Childhood Education. Why do you like business?

What’s your favorite subject to learn about?


(Kate) #32

Wow 5 siblings that’s cool! I have an older sister and a younger brother.

I guess i like business because I love to do work like projects and it sounds totally nerdy but i love doing homework and going to school!

I love English and current event stuff and also just the creative maps and charts i make in school. Do you have any colleges in mind you wanna go to?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #33

Thank you Hannah @dancingbookworm for posting such a wonderfully positive attitude about living well with diabetes; it sounds as if you are managing well - except for those nighttime lows. I’ve had TypeOne for over 60 years and I wish that I had had your attitude, and equipment, when I was much younger - although I’ve lived a full, very active life and I’ve done everything that I ever wanted to do. As you have said in your many postings - you can do it.

A suggestion for you [and your care team] in that you can set many basal rates in your pump [I’ve used Medtronic pumps for years] why don’t you try cutting back, in various stages, your basal rates say between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM? I’ve eliminated almost all overnight lows and now, at orders from two endocrinologists, I’m attempting to get my HbA1c a little higher and have gotten it up to 6.4.

(Ali) #34

I’m a senior in high school I’ve had type 1 for a year. I feel symptoms in every slight increase. Having the dexcom really helps to see how’s happening and to see if I need to make any corrections. Lately it’s been hard to keep my blood sugar near my target, and it’s affected how well I do in school. But I’ve been working harder knowing I’m going to college soon I can’t let that happen.

(hopper166) #35

I’ve tried both … using the dexcom currently! Dressage is “horse dancing” when the horses move their feet in pretty patterns! It looks super cool, you should watch a video on it!! Do you have any pets?

(Kate) #36

That’s so great that your working so hard! Don’t worry it takes some time to get your numbers adjusted after being diagnosed. It might be helpful to carry some snacks with you at school so you can make corrections in class. It might also help to set you dexcom low alarm to like 100 so that way you can eat something small to kick you back up before you go to low! I do that at night time so when i wake up I’m not really
Low. You can also set your dexcom to give you an alarm if you number goes down or high so many points in a small amount of time!

(Kate) #37

Dexcom has updated so it has more features you can use! You can have separate day alarms. For example I have certain alarms for the day time and certain alarms for the night time so for the day time I have my alarms quieter and lower and night time I have my alarms louder and higher up! I did look at a video, it looks really beautiful! I have 2 dogs, and a bearded dragon (type of lizard) naked Khaleesi from the TV show game of throwns. I don’t watch the show but I loved the name because she is a girl but she doesn’t look girly! How about you? Do you have any other pets beside your horse?

(hopper166) #38

Yeah the dexcom isn’t too bad I’ll have to try to set some alarms and whatnot Lol! Ooh I love bearded dragons! My brother has one named Gibs or something lol idk… yeah it’s very pretty! No I don’t own a horse, but I do have two cats right now named Captain and Timmy haha they’re both just tabby cats but super cute. I had a crested gecko but she died, thinking about getting another one


(Kate) #39

Aww cute I love cats but unfortunalty include allergic to them which makes trips to grandmas house supper fun! :wink:but tripling up on allergy meds helps a lot! (my grandma has 8 cats) I just am not sure what to do with my Beardie once I go to college cause I can’t take her with me!

(Hannah) #40

Thank you for the suggestion! What have you found to be the best for food for overnight lows?