Teens with type 1

(Hannah) #41

I’ve always wanted an older sister. :joy:

That’s not nerdy, it’s great!

Yes! I’ve been accepted and am going to attend Bringham Young University (BYU) in Provo UT this fall!! I’m so excited and can’t wait!

(Kate) #42

you can have her lol she’s great at something’s but we’re 4 years apart so there’s a lot of arguments. That’s amazing!! I’m still just looking it’s so much work! I have a whole Pinterest board with dorm stuff I have been making since I started high school but I’m also a tad OCD about
my stuff and planning

(Ali) #43

I really don’t like how dexcom alerts can’t be turned off! Sometimes I’m taking a test and it goes off really loud. I’ve turned off all the alerts because it’s annoying specially at my job. Wish they improve the app!

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #44

Hannah, if during the night I am below my target range [since a couple of severe hypo - >10 - my lowest target is 100] I will eat two to four saltines with PB; if below 70 I’ll also have a few ounces of OJ. I’ve learned how much a cracker or ounce of juice will increase my BG. What I suggest for for overnight lows is something that is more than just carbs because carbs alone could cause a spike and then a deeper low - hence my PB with fays that extend carb action combined with the saltines that tend to be medium acting in me.

Our daughter who was charge paramedic for the county would, when called out to treat a hypoglycemic patient, insist that the patient eat something like a PB sandwich or plate of spaghetti before she left the patient’s home.

When I do a BG Check around 10 PM I will always snack and take recommended bolus if BG reading is 130 or less - it has been a few years now since my wife has had to awaken me to take care of a hypo.

When I first saw your “Dancing” name about 6 months ago, I became curious - now I see you are interested in ballet. Our granddaughter is in Pointe Ballet - she doesn’t have diabetes but has overcome some tough times seeing she was 22 week preemie born without an immune system and with a partial lung.

(Kate) #45

I totally hear you on that one! But you can set it so that it will just vibrate when it goes off and for all the alarms (except low, high, really low) you can turn off. For my really low alarm since it won’t let you just make it vibrate I set it to the one that it beeps loud for half a second and people look around but it’s not as disturbing!!

(Nina) #46

Hey Kate! I would love to talk! I am 15 and have been diagnosed for 3 years.

(Emma) #47

Hi, I am 16 years old and have been T1D for almost fourteen years. I also am the only one in my family and friends that has T1D. It sucks and I am hoping to also meet people with similar experiences as myself.

  • Emma

(Kate) #48

Hey! Where are you from? I’m from Baltimore and have been type 1 for 14 years.

(Kate) #49

We have so much in common! Do you use an insulin pump or needles? I have a pump but I need a new one soon and was looking for recommendations.

(Emma) #50

I also use a pump–Medtronic and a sensor. I got the new version of the Medtronic pump and sensor and it IS GREAT!!!

(Nina) #51

I am from Ohio! Wow that’s a long time.

(Matthew) #52

Hi my name is Matt and I am 16 years old and I have had T1 diabetes for 4 years and would love to be in contact as a diabetes friend.
Here’s my instagram name and email if you would like to talk:
Instagram= @type1matt2014
Email= type1matt2014@gmail.com


(Kate) #53

Hey Matt I would love to talk! Do you use insulin pump or shots? I have had it for 14 years now since I was 3. I’ll follow you! My insta is kate.nicole.01

(Kate) #54

Wow that is far! And yeah tell me about it! I was 3 when I started to show symptoms but my mom was a kindergarten teacher so she knew to look out so I was only a little over 200 when admitted to the hospital. Silly me thought I was all better when I came home so I Acted like nothing changed :joy::joy::joy:

(Kate) #55

I have heard some conflicting things about the medtronics so it helps to get a real insider review thanks so much! Are there any things you don’t like about them medtronics?

(Emma) #57

I really like it, but it’s also the only thing I’ve known and my parents made the well-informed decision of choosing Medtronic over other devices. I guess one of the main cons is I wish it stored more insulin, but honestly other then that I have had great experiences with it. Despite the fact that since I have changed the site so many times, it is tricky to find a spot that works without the pump beeping “No Delivery” which causes me to have to change the site (more shots) more frequently. I honestly can’t compare the devices because I have only had one, but it’s all relative. My former endocrinologist turned my parents onto Medtronic and we have used their products ever since. I personally recommend it, but like I said it all depends.

(Nina) #58

Wow when I was diagnosed I was over 600. Lol when I got home I started doing my injections by myself right away.

(Kate) #59

Geez! I have been that high before and it sucks. I actually learned how to give insulin shots when i was in kindergarten. The school nurse taught me and i called my mom after it and said " Mom guess what i did today, gave myself my shot!" She was mortified and thought the school nurse was crazy!

(Kate) #60

Yeah i have that problem too, i have only had one pump and my dad basically choose it or at least i think he did, even though it was only 5 years ago it seems like a lifetime away. I think ill have to have a bunch of reps come out and do some trials but i think ill wait till summer when sports are only on weekends and school is over.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #61

Hi Kate, I certainly don’t think the nurse was crazy - she was well enough aware that being able to give yourself an insulin injection was important and that you MUST learn.
At three our granddaughter was checking my Bg and by five she was giving me my shots after I checked for correct dosage.