Teens with type 1

(Nina) #62

I have never been that high after I was diagnosed. Oh by the way let me know if you want my email.

(Kate) #63

Sure we can talk that way! Yeah this one time it was basically a perfect storm day. First my site was not good and then the insulin got disconnected but then we figured out that the insulin was no good either and by the time i was so high my meter didn’t know what i was and my vision was blurry which made it really hard to play xbox!

(Nina) #64

Wow that’s crazy. My email is goulet.nina@gmail.com

(James) #65

My son is 12 going on 13 and I want to be mindful and sensitive to his developmental thoughts and feelings at this age but I’m finding that he does a lot of snack “cheating” and doesn’t compensate for it. He’s been diabetic since age 5 or at least that’s when he was diagnosed. Any thoughts on this from your perspective? Thanks, Jim

(Matthew) #66

Hey Kate,
I currently take Humalog and Lantus pen injections, but looking forward to getting a pump soon.



(Kate) #67

I can completely relate to that, I did that too when I was his age and to be honest still do sometimes! But my parents would buy low carb snacks for me so if I ate them without compensating it wouldn’t have a big impact. I liked cheese sticks or peanuts because I could each a good amount ignored both and there are little to no carbs. Does he use insulin shots or does he have a pump?

(Kate) #68

That’s great I love my pump but not looking forward to getting a new one. You should also get the Dexcom it’s great! The new one just came out and requires no checking your blood sugar! I really wanna get one soon.

(Kate) #69

Ignored should say of*

(Kate) #70

Ignored should say of*
Sorry for the typo

(Kate) #71

Hey it’s been a while since we talked! How are you?

(James) #72

Thanks Kate. Yes we try to buy the low carb snacks for him like cheese sticks and the like but he is also diagnosed with celiac disease so finding low carb and gluten free items can be difficult not to mention that he’s a picky eater too. We certainly have our work cut out for us.
He uses a pump.

(Matthew) #73

I am in the process of getting a Dexcom g5 right now, but it all depends on what my insurance will cover. I hear all good things about it so i’m going to give it a try.

(Victoria) #74

Hi Kate, my name is Victoria I’m 16 I’ve been a diabetic going on 8 years now. I was the only T1D in my family for a while but my sister just recently got diagnosed but she doesn’t relate very well to me yet she is still in the honeymoon phase. I’d love to talk to you sometime.

(Garrett) #75

Hey All! Find a JDRF YLC committee near you! It is the Young Leadership Committee and they are in most major US cities. I have been a part of the YLC in SF, San Jose and Washington, D.C. Let me know if I can connect you to one. They are awesome and hold various happy hours and fundraising events. All are welcome of all ages. Type one and friends of type ones. :slight_smile:

(Delaney) #76

Hey Kate, I’m Laney. I’m 14 and have been diabetic for 7 years. I’m not your age but I would still love to get to know you!

(carolynwoodham) #77

I’d love for my daughter to join your group. She’s asleep right at the moment. I came across this feed. She’s almost 15 (July) and has had Type 1 for 1.5 years and doesn’t have any other T1D’s in her circle of friends. She’s on Snapchat. Will she know how to find you when I share this?

(BookwormNerd13) #78

Hi! Yes, give her my username (bookwormnerd13) and she’ll be able to add me. I look forward to talking to her! :slight_smile:

(Reagan) #79

I’m Reagan and I’m 17 I’ve had t1d for about 11 years I’d love to talk my sc is captainleone9

(Kate) #80

Cool I’ll add you!! Would love to talk too

(Ricky) #81

Hi my name is Ricky! I’m 17 and I’ve been a diabetic since I was 7 years old. I would love to share some diabetic stories with you! My Snapchat is rick_thegoat91. Let’s chat!