Thanksgiving question

(Amanda ) #1

Hey guys! With Thanksgiving coming up, I was wondering which foods that are usually on the table on this holiday have the most carbs in them.

(BookwormNerd13) #2

In my experience, the potatoes and pie tend to be the two worst things.:rofl: I usually end up doing a massive dose of insulin and then still having to do more later… I guess it’s a work in progress?


depends on your family style of meals but here is where loads of sugar could be hidding:

Sweet potato(+45g per slice),
Pecan (+65g per slice)
Pumpkin pie (+46g per slice),
monkey bread ( +70g per piece)

Cranberry sauce (+25g per 1/4cup)
mashed potatoes (+35g per cup - but I was just looking at some boxes yesterday and saw much higher numbers than 35g per cup)

Im linking 3 websites, if maybe you would like try something different that isnt so loaded with sugar/carbs. Maybe offering to make one of the dishes (with your family or by yourself) may give you different options.

I know im older and love veggies, but I still focus on low-carb vegetable options.
A nice (different) salad
roasted non starchy vegetables that I love (I love love brussel sprouts, asparagus/ zucchini and small eggplants and make a treat out of it - I also drizzle homemade tehina mixed with some nutritional yeast on top of my veggies)

also, look at your favorite food, which may be a healthier option and ask if you could help make it

hope this helps!

(Amanda ) #4

Thanks Emet! These will no doubt help.